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Peter Von Poehl December 9, 2007

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Genre: Folk/Acoustic/Pop

Label: Bella Union

I initially had difficulty

tracking him down. As during his absorbing and enchanting performance he referred to him self as Peter Von Poo. This though did not detract from his delicate electric and acoustic guitar playing, or deny him his amazing voice. I have never been more spellbound by a solo performer ever. I did find he had done a video for my favourite song of the night. I’ll shut up now.
Peter Von Poehl- The Story Of The Impossible

Enchanting, hypnotic, hyperbolic. Wish I was into it when it actually came out in 2006.

You can though get a song of his for free as I’m to lazy to get it for you here.

Buy his album so he can get some mouse traps. Tune in next week for some more poorly researched and formatted rubbish on Johnny Foreigner, Stricken City and Members of the Public.

Myspace: Don’t let your girlfriend near him, he will steel her and make you cry

Website: www.petervonpoehl.com


St Vincent December 9, 2007

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Genre: Indie/Rock/Soul

Label: Beggars Banquet

I came really late to this part once again. Its over really. Anyway my interest in St Vincent was piqued by two of my favourite bloggers own interests. Mainly this video. But on further inspection was a bit bored by the songs on myspace. But

I only went to this gig, as mainly I like the venue and had an urge for some grilled chicken. On record I hadn’t really got with her. It came off as pretencions and dull. But live its another beast. St Vincent get your attention by rocking up all her songs. Often generating music that has the complexity of Sufjan Stevens before breaking it down into a shoegazy galatic noise opera. Her pedal board and guitar playing is also offensively good. Made me want to give up. Here’s a video, but you will only fall in love with her. Not in music. You need to hunt her down outside of a studio.

St Vincent- Jesus Saves, I spend

I think they missed a trick not marketing this as a Christmas song. A strange anti commercialisation of Christmas of song. Its what I would want to here anyway.

Buy her album, so she can buy another kajillion pedals.

And also visist her very interesting blog. 

Myspace: St Vincent is one of the best marketed indie music stars this year, don’t add her she will break your heart

Website: www.ilovestvincent.com

Clare and the Reasons December 9, 2007

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Hello readers. Don’t expect a big long intense guide. I have to be quick. But this has all been initiated by St Vincents amazing gig at Bush Hall last last Friday (met her in Nando’s!) and her fantastic support acts. First up…

Clare and the Reasons

Genre: Alternative/Pop

Label: Frog Stand Records

They’re not from Sweden. They’re from Brooklyn, but they do make thoughtful, adorable orchestral, alternative, pop. The Times and the FT like them, if that isn’t a stamp of quality, then you can audit me.

Clare and the Reasons – Rodi

Probably their most poppy effort.

Clare and the Reasons- Under the water

I normally avoid slow music. It just bores me as I’m quite obviously an impatient twat with no taste. But Clare’s music just has so much innate charm its very hard to hate. Live they also have thing for xylophones, plucked violins and headlamps.

Remember buy stuff so the band can buy some new head torches.

Myspace: Accountants love Clare and the Reasons

Website: www.claremuldaur.com

Silversun anti-backlash-campaign continues and Arcade Fire news December 8, 2006

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Apparently I’m not the only person who struggled to get tickets to see The Arcade Fire in some tiny churches around London. In fact just too some probable dubious behaviour (makes me think about removing that link to the right) from See tickets employees, many found that tickets had sold out before they went on sale. According to “toohot”:

“How can tickets sell out before the gig? It’s all those f**king wankers from the ticket outlets flogging them to either their mates or on ebay. It’s happening, trust. Sure, it must be a perk of the job but it takes the piss.”

While maximusharasius says:

“I phoned up see tickets and got through at 8.58am and all the dates were sold out so they sold out before they went on sale can anyone from see tickets explain that?”

Luckily The Arcade Fire are lovely people and have agreed to sell some tickets. Fucking touts.

here more from THE rag

Website: arcadefire.com

Myspace: The ArcadeFire have more friends than they can invite to a birthday party

And the antibacklash campaign. Just this…

 Silversun Pickups- Lazy Eye (David Lettermen show)

Tell me they’re not one of the best bands like ever.

News Dump September 23, 2006

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Sorry, I’ve been really lazy updating this blog for the last 2 days (But I have written two songs minus lyrics). So to catch up!

Among other boring stuff.

Video Overload September 19, 2006

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  • Love Ends Disaster- Ginko Disco

The lovely lads from LED have made a video for their constant crowd pleaser “Ginko Disco”. I’d have never thought such black humour was a potential from best kept band in Nottingham. They would quite like some votes on NME.com. Please go help ’em out.

Download: Love Ends Disaster- Ginko Disco

  • Album Leaf- Always For You

The making of their album video was a featured video at YouTube. But now they have a video to go along with this top tune.

Download: The Album Leaf- Always For You

  • Lupe Fiasco ft. Jill Scott- Daydreamin’

Kanye’s West young prodigies best work to date. Their should definitely be more hip hop that samples The Beta Band.

You can see him peform at the London Scala on the 25th

And Radiohead

Monday’s Link Amalgamation September 18, 2006

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I have already posted Art Brut and Spinto Band tunes.

Buy tickets for the UK leg here.

Download: We Are Scientists- The Great Escape

Listen here

  • And finally- It’s all over the web but if you haven’t seen it…

All that apprehension for that! A dodgy slapstick joke, we knew The Simpsons had slipped but sheesh.

Download: The White Stripes- Hardest Button To Button

Blackpool and Revelations September 15, 2006

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FakeDIY have reported:

Speaking to XFM, frontman Matt Bellamy said: “Well, at the moment we’re doing a tour of Europe. And the end of the year and playing a few Wembleys or something, but we’re thinking of saving something a bit more interesting for next year, in terms of playing outdoors, or something.

We were talking of doing a tour of beaches, maybe, because we’re kind of from the seaside. We like the idea of doing a tour of seaside resorts around the UK. But maybe we’ll save that for next summer.”

If any of you witnessed Muse at Reading this year, you will already be weeing your sodden pants with excitement. Sorry for using the “Snakes on a Plane” philosophy but:








Download: Muse- Knights of Cydonia [highly recommended]







Get Gigging This Winter September 12, 2006

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With the hot, sweaty, muddy and wet festival season over. Our only potential way to once again rub up against other sweaty persons will be to go to gigs in horriblely cramped basements over the winter. Here are some sugggestions. See you  there.


LONDON Hoxton & Grill- Thurs 16 Nov

Download: Switches- Every Second Counts In Love [Highly recommended]

Arab Strap

Final good bye gigs

PORTSMOUTH Wedgewood Rooms- Sun 5 November

MANCHESTER University- Thurs 9 November

The Grates

LONDON Kings College- Surrey St- Wed 25 October

Download: The Grates- Inside Outside

TV On The Radio

MANCHESTER Club Academy- Thurs 9 Nov

LONDON Koko- Fri 10 November


LONDON Roundhouse – Fri 27 October


MANCHESTER Apollo – Mon 20 November

HULL Arena – Tue 21 November

NEWCASTLE Carling Academy – Thu 23 November

NOTTINGHAM Rock City – Sat 25 November

LONDON Carling Academy Brixton – Mon 27 November

LONDON Carling Academy Brixton – Tue 28 November


London Scala- Tues 14 November

Download: CSS- Art Bitches [highly recommended]

I’ll be at the CSS gigs wearing a homemade green and yellow CSS shirt. See you there.