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links for 2007-11-30 November 30, 2007

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links for 2007-11-29 November 29, 2007

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Ida Maria-Oh My God November 27, 2007

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Genre: Indie/Rock/Punk

Label: Nesna Records

Strolling along, I see this party, its basically over. Condoms and syringes are strewn around the poorly maintained gardens. An ugg booted girl is throwing up in a hedge while a fugly boy holds back her hair in desperate hope of getting some tail later.

But I here this song. A song so good, it makes my week. I want to eat to it, I want to sleep to it, I want to drink to it, I will lose my mind to it. This is Ida Maria. A girl and her band making amazing pop music (not surprisingly from Sweden Norway!) that sounds like the Pixies having fun. They’ve supported Good Shoes but don’t let that taint your opinion off them. Actually that’s harsh. What I mean is they sound nothing like really.

Ida Maria- Oh My God

Smashing. I can’t claim this as a discovery really. Nialler9 was where I heard it from, but the cheeky git from MyOldKentuckyBlog had his ear to the ground and picked this out during CMJ in the states. Even The Guardian got there before me. Luckily this video came out 4 days ago, and no ones noticed so I’ll claim the video. Yay me. I’m so desperate.

MP3: Ida Maria-Oh My God [highly recommended]

MP3: Ida Maria- Louie

Mp3: Ida Maria- Going To Hell

Of course. Ida Marie need your money to afford herring to build up a layer of fat to get through the cold summer months in Sweden. So go to iTunes or buy “OMG” on hand numbered 7inch. I did as not only is something worth keeping, but I reckon could be a good investment, as we should be hearing a lot more from her in the future. Just today she did something for MTV and has an XFM live Session with John Kennedy in January. She also runs her own label (that Nesna one) which makes her even more cool. A possible hope for a Swedish Arts and Crafts?


26 Nov 2007 20:00
MTV Acoustic London
29 Nov 2007 20:00
Time Out ‘On The Up’ @ Bar Academy Islington, London Islingston
7 Dec 2007 20:00
Debaser Medis Stockholm, Stockholms län
20 Dec 2007 20:00
Mo i Rana Mo i Rana, Nordland
10 Jan 2008 20:00
Eurosonic Groeningen Groeningen
15 Jan 2008 20:00
Dublin Castle London, London and South East
19 Jan 2008 20:00
Student House Sør-Trøndelag
22 Jan 2008 12:00
Live Session John Kennedy XFM London, London and South East

Myspace: Ida Maria has enough friends to shake a stick at

Website: Its in Swedish

Shout out for our friend at ishooktheroyalthrone.com who has now strings together a series of songs on Goldsmith’s Uni Internet radio station Wired. I’ve been listening to this as I write and its definitely worth keeping an eye on to here his interview with British Sea Power. Competing with Colin Murray he is playing some very interesting stuff, and honestly has been some of the best music radio I’ve heard in a while. Join his face.

The Octopus Project-Truck November 25, 2007

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Genre: Experimental Pop

Label: Peek-A-Boo Record

Once again I’ve turned up to the party a little late on this one. The Octopus Project are a 4 piece instrumental outfit that formed 7 years ago. Very fun instrumental pop music they do make. Even Pitchfork likes them. Regarde.

The Octopus Project- Truck

That children is the sound of an instant classic. Keyboards jar against crashing guitar and smashing cymbal. It makes me want to jump up and down like a Masai warrior, or a 8 year old at a school disco hyped up on lemonade and party rings.

MP3: The Octopus Project- Truck [highly recommended]

MP3: The Octopus Project- The Bright Shinies

These are some slice cuts. You lucky pups can nick some more mp3 from The Octopus Project’s own website.

Buy their new album so the band can buy a new Casio keyboard.

Myspace: The Octopus Project are even more popular than Tokyo Police Club

Website: www.theoctopusproject.com

links for 2007-11-24 November 24, 2007

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links for 2007-11-21 November 21, 2007

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links for 2007-11-19 November 19, 2007

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Tokyo Police Club November 19, 2007

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Genre: Indie/Garage /Pop

Label: Memphis Industries

Hello, come to the front. Don’t be scared, its cold squeeze together. You can all hear me ok? Good. Welcome to my hopefully regular Sunday post. From my constant browsing of other peoples blogs, I have found bloggers seemingly observe the sabbath, with very few blogging. Thus as a raving atheist and Sunday being my only day off, means I can fill any gaping musical voids on this day of rest. So to start us off here is a very popular act who most people will have heard of (if your cool). Hopeless lackeys follow me.

Tokyo Police Club- Nature of the Experiment

Their first single. You can’t blame me for dismissing them as another Strokes wanna be. Its not bad and certainly contains always good boy girl harmonies and has an ability to cut loose in a way the Strokes never could.

MP3: Tokyo Police Club- Nature of the Experiment [recommended]

Tokyo Police Club- Cheer It On

Now they started working it. An ace video for a great pop song. Plus I found out they where Canadian. So they must be good. Also fantastic intro. That’s a declaration for world domination if I ever heard it.

MP3: Tokyo Police Club- Cheer It On [highly recommended]

Tokyo Police Club-Your English Good

MP3: Tokyo Police Club- Your English Is Good

My favourite song by them so far. On evidence I saw from them performing at Reading (which I never reviewed, my bad) they are definitely a singles band. And they really have cracked 3 of the best singles of the year. Effortlessly catchy, whilst not being shallow or corny is really hard to do. The production is really slick on this one to, so frigin’ bouncy its like a musical equivalent of a trampoline, but you know with notes, and hihats.

Tokyo Police Club- Citizens of Tomorrow

And this is the latest single of the new EP, which kinda apparently covers stuff from the first EP (which is actually really long and could be a small album), as they couldn’t be bothered to make an album. Its seems kinda silly, but its nice to see a band that despite having the hype isn’t rushing into the studio to record an album they’re not ready to do. This songs actually does show that they do downbeat to. Lovely dystopian video guys.

Now watch them make breakfast.

You now know everything about this band. Except their names, which are quite forgettable.

May ask you if you know the pedal that the guitarist uses, please tell me, I want one. And also any good free hot linking hosters, as I’ve realised, I’m using up my bandwidth very quickly. I’ll post some more obscure stuff later.

Now buy this so that band can afford shoes. Its also great for Xmas parties! Or as a suggestion to a little brotehr or sister.

Or get the new EP of itunes.

Myspace: Tokyo Police Club are very very popular, sorry about not keeping up

Website: tokyopoliceclub.com

Late Summer Lovelyness part.7 November 11, 2007

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I think this is a statement on my mental health. If you look to the left you can see how I personally organise the seasons according to the year. And thus I shall cram all the songs I was going to post in one big horrible chunk. Don’t blame me, blame a poor up bringing where I spent too much time indoors.


The Snake The Cross The Crown-Gypsy Melody

Thats literally all I know about this band. There name. That and there from America. Its only the third largest nation on the planet. Mostly dust and hills anyway. Anyway this song is great. A cute little fingerpicked intro gives way to a trickling melody before a stomping drum kicks into action, then a cymbal, suddenly lyrics of weather and hope soar into the air dragging this song to a massive happy rocking end. Proper uplifting. Reserve for GCSE mocks if your ickle or you know, Christmas.

MP3: The Snake The Cross The Crown- Gypsy Melody

Myspace: Are surprisingly popular

Slow Club- Biology Hearts

Again delicate acoustic guitars compliment a declicate sounding pair of girl and boy vocals, apparently predicting the rather depressing downfall of humanity. But you know they sing about childhood games too. Luckily this songs also has pink flower covered buckets of charm thate negate any morose topics. Its obviously follows a Joy Division style sad but happy combo of lyrics and melody, but in a completely different way. Why do I write this drivel. Just concentrate on charming, ignore the other bollocks. Seriously though, these guys have got tunes, and they’ll be massive once Noah and the Whale have got out the way.

MP3: Slow Club-Biology Hearts

Myspace: Probably deserve another 10 mates

Harry Nilsson-Gotta Get Up

This song was made in 1972, buts its as fresh as daisy. Unlike the character of the song, who like many of us struggles with arriving to work in time, due to having too much fun. The chorus reminding us of this inner turmoil of fun vs work. This song also has these amazing drunken trumpets and lazy accordian. Amazing songwriting and arrangement. Sadly this guy died 10 years ago, and the ending is a bit rubbish, but apart from that its a gem!

MP3: Harry Nilsson-Gotta Get Up [highly recommended]

Website: www.harrynilsson.com

So there you guy. I’ll post some more noise up soon, as I’ve had a couple of complaints, and been to loads of gigs, and have nothing to do now that UCAS is all sewn up. Ta ra!