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Clare and the Reasons December 9, 2007

Posted by alexd in Gig Review, Gig reviews, Live, Music, Video.

Hello readers. Don’t expect a big long intense guide. I have to be quick. But this has all been initiated by St Vincents amazing gig at Bush Hall last last Friday (met her in Nando’s!) and her fantastic support acts. First up…

Clare and the Reasons

Genre: Alternative/Pop

Label: Frog Stand Records

They’re not from Sweden. They’re from Brooklyn, but they do make thoughtful, adorable orchestral, alternative, pop. The Times and the FT like them, if that isn’t a stamp of quality, then you can audit me.

Clare and the Reasons – Rodi

Probably their most poppy effort.

Clare and the Reasons- Under the water

I normally avoid slow music. It just bores me as I’m quite obviously an impatient twat with no taste. But Clare’s music just has so much innate charm its very hard to hate. Live they also have thing for xylophones, plucked violins and headlamps.

Remember buy stuff so the band can buy some new head torches.

Myspace: Accountants love Clare and the Reasons

Website: www.claremuldaur.com



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