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Silversun anti-backlash-campaign continues and Arcade Fire news December 8, 2006

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Apparently I’m not the only person who struggled to get tickets to see The Arcade Fire in some tiny churches around London. In fact just too some probable dubious behaviour (makes me think about removing that link to the right) from See tickets employees, many found that tickets had sold out before they went on sale. According to “toohot”:

“How can tickets sell out before the gig? It’s all those f**king wankers from the ticket outlets flogging them to either their mates or on ebay. It’s happening, trust. Sure, it must be a perk of the job but it takes the piss.”

While maximusharasius says:

“I phoned up see tickets and got through at 8.58am and all the dates were sold out so they sold out before they went on sale can anyone from see tickets explain that?”

Luckily The Arcade Fire are lovely people and have agreed to sell some tickets. Fucking touts.

here more from THE rag

Website: arcadefire.com

Myspace: The ArcadeFire have more friends than they can invite to a birthday party

And the antibacklash campaign. Just this…

 Silversun Pickups- Lazy Eye (David Lettermen show)

Tell me they’re not one of the best bands like ever.



1. simon - December 15, 2006

they seriously rock!

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