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Return of The Rakes March 1, 2007

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the rakesGenre: Art rock/Indie

Label: V2/Dim Mak

The Rakes are cooler than…. drugs. They also came across as very clever in The Guardian.

This text is just to keep the picture above the embedded tube of you.

And this bit. Regarde

The Rakes- We Danced Together

Yay! Another grower, definitely not as instant as previous heats like “Retreat” and “22 Grand Job” but them haunting backing vocals and groovy bass-line will pull you in. Ready for the soccer punch of The Rakes own type of catchy, “angular” chords in the chorus. Obviously with Alan nervous singing through out. Either way. Who else wants to join me up on a rooftop for and apocalyptic dystopian disco. 4.7 times more cool than the roof party in the “W.AY.U.H” video by The Rapture. Looking forward to their next album “Ten New Messages” more than breakfast.

Download: The Rakes- We Danced Together

Download: The Rake- We Danced Together (Sebastian Remix) [is not very good]

Website: www.rakes.co.uk

Myspace: The Rakes do not need any more friends


Neon Biblical January 28, 2007

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Rockin’ my world right now is some of the leaked Arcade Fire Stuff. The quality isn’t amazing (at 128kbps) but it will only make buying the CD all the more worth it. The songs on the other hand are fantastic. Hype aside, this song could cause religious conversion. One of the only downsides so far is that not all of the music is completely new. In fact “Intervention” and “No Cars Go” where around before Funeral, just minus the choir and ridiculous baroque organ. Strangely though my favourite song of Neon Bible is “No Cars Go”, and yet I still enjoy the EP version more, because of the synthy keys. My second favourite is the albums slower placed finale, the rousing but subdued “My Body Is A Cage”. You may have notices that the whole album is awash with religious overtone. Which make a change from most rock music doesn’t it? And with Marilyn Manson recording a new album, it will be interesting to see who sells more, it could be close.

P.S If anyone has any spare tickets to Brixton, their could be unreciprocated blow jobs involved.

Preorder the album here. Its coming out on March 5th arcade fire- neon  bible

Download: Arcade Fire- My Body Is A Cage

Download: Arcade Fire- No Cars Go (album version)

Download: Arcade Fire- No Cars Go (EP version)

Website: arcadefire.com

Myspace: They only recently joined so need a few more friends

News Dump, cos I feel guilt about not updating everything September 29, 2006

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I feel guilty about not posting anything in an age, so hold your breat here we go….

Come on you must have know something was wrong when I failed to post about my favouriet pint sized teen/punkers. He is also apparently a presbyterian minister if you google his name.

He is obviously not.

Vote for your favourite music festivals and the bands you saw.

To be crap….

Regarde, be amazed by the mix of organisation and chaos.

Entire blogosphere posts about it, yet successfully ignores the her bloody great single.

Blogosphere also loves the new reissues.

They inadvertently depicted hell; they are in it.

I made it during work experience, but was too busy. Luckily some geek uploaded it all to youtube. Lovely picture to…

Starting to sound brilliantly jazzy. Despite no performances or singles, they sell out The Camden Roundhouse faster than anyone ever.

Seeking American pat on the head Wheeler? aka Snow Patrolling

First stuff from new band. When did he change his band? (I don’t mean Blur).

Fabulously titled post from musiclikdirt reveals Lily Allen Samples and possible inspiration for debut album. Very interesting listening.

On the worst things to happen to Music. Manage to ignore several major rock and roll deaths.

Nothingbutgreenlights linked to this. Lost of ace weird stuff.

Ever wanted to be an indie snob? Here is a how to kit.

BRISTOL Thekla – Sun 19 November

BRIGHTON Concorde 2 – Mon 20 November

LONDON KCLSU – Wed 22 November

HULL The Welly Club – Tue 28 November

MANCHESTER Club Academy – Wed 29 November

Will give your children nightmares. Unless they enjored bugs life to much.And that bloggers is how you entire an entire week in music in 15 minutes. Now you must excuse me I have a 4player Halo2 game to 0WN!!11!!

Stuff you MUST here NOW September 23, 2006

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  • Lior

FakeDIY have links to sample Liors album. Its been around for years in Australia or the US as I’ve been really enjoying this track. In fact I listened to it before doing a General Studies AS Exam and got an A, so make your own minds up. He is also highly recommended by my new Australian art teachers favourite radio station.
Download: Lior- This Old Love

  • MummRa

I’ve been meaning to post about these guys for ages after enjoying them supporting someone. Well this is off their latest EP and caught my ears. In a bad way they sound like Embrace in a goodway its sounds like perfection.

Download: MummRa- Out Of The Question

  • This Town Needs Guns

This band could get in here on name alone. But luckily for them they also make thrilling indie/lofi/rock. And now have been featured on drownedinsound. Ttry if you like The Thermals or Muse or “Bends” era Radiohead.


I think that its for now. Comeback then for hopefully some stuff excellent garage/power pop featured on Idolator (who linked to me :P) and a really really great and underhead new Love End Disaster track. See you in 10hours.

The Killers Album Tracklisting July 22, 2006

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the killersRevealed as….

  1. Sam’s Town
  2. Enterlude
  3. When You Were Young
  4. Bling
  5. For Reasons Unknown
  6. Read My Mind
  7. Uncle Jonny
  8. Bones
  9. My List
  10. This River Is Wild
  11. Why Do I Keep Counting?
  12. Exitlude 

Sam’s Town wilkl be released on October 2nd. I’m sure The Killers will make a “Fistful of dollars”. Geddit?