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St Vincent December 9, 2007

Posted by alexd in Buzz band, Gig Review, Gig reviews, Live, Music, Video.

Genre: Indie/Rock/Soul

Label: Beggars Banquet

I came really late to this part once again. Its over really. Anyway my interest in St Vincent was piqued by two of my favourite bloggers own interests. Mainly this video. But on further inspection was a bit bored by the songs on myspace. But

I only went to this gig, as mainly I like the venue and had an urge for some grilled chicken. On record I hadn’t really got with her. It came off as pretencions and dull. But live its another beast. St Vincent get your attention by rocking up all her songs. Often generating music that has the complexity of Sufjan Stevens before breaking it down into a shoegazy galatic noise opera. Her pedal board and guitar playing is also offensively good. Made me want to give up. Here’s a video, but you will only fall in love with her. Not in music. You need to hunt her down outside of a studio.

St Vincent- Jesus Saves, I spend

I think they missed a trick not marketing this as a Christmas song. A strange anti commercialisation of Christmas of song. Its what I would want to here anyway.

Buy her album, so she can buy another kajillion pedals.

And also visist her very interesting blog. 

Myspace: St Vincent is one of the best marketed indie music stars this year, don’t add her she will break your heart

Website: www.ilovestvincent.com



1. Christopher - December 9, 2007

Nice review! St. Vincent is also on my “highly subjective” Best of 2007 list

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