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The Oohlas Update November 29, 2006

Posted by alexd in Buzz band, Music, Video.

They made a shabby video for their song “Tripping”, basically shot from footage of when they took a trip to NY. Aw small town kids.

The Oohlas- Tripping 

Download: The Oohlas- The Small Parts

If you wanna hear more about them and hear about more, I wrote about the earlier this year.

myspace: The Oohlas

Found on scenestars.com Pete been a little busy making new music with his new guitarist. It’s not awful. Oh scrap that, it really is. What is he doing? And this video is awful, its looks like its been filmed by someone in film school as they had nothing better to do for 3 years of their lives.

Babyshambles- The Blinding

BTW as an update on things to look out for on this blog.

  •  Just been talking to Josh Lazar about his exciting project Noizen which is aiming to put hot food on the tables of alternative bands across the world.
  • I have two lovely albums to review
  • Expect exciting stuff this weekend when I’m avoiding doing a physics pilot experiment write up and an Art essay.

Midweek linkdump November 23, 2006

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Just some links you may be interested in:

Buzzband: Dee November 23, 2006

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Ridiculously far behind the curve once again (10 blog days). But noticed Dee only had 5000 friends on a certain social network site. Dee gained reputation for creating this video:

Somewhat cynically, most dismissed it as a two month old joke. But listen again. It’s actually the best and most catchy pop song your likely to hear all year. And I thought lonelygirl’s escapades were a load of shite! They’re not one hit wonders either. One of the songs was  used on CSI…

Trust me its infectious!

Download: Dee- Lonelygirl

Visit: myspace / deemusic

Super big uber post of 12 great bands November 19, 2006

Posted by alexd in Been round a while but I hadn't heard of until recently, Buzz band, Music, Pop, Unheard Artist.

This is the blogging equivalent of going for broke. As much as I would love to give each band a nice little review which they can then quote on their myspace or website if they are really desperate, I don’t have the time at the moment. So I might as well not sit on any of them any longer (I have a lot of these tracks for months) and just give them to you. Some of these bands have had a lot more exposure than others, so it’ll be interesting to see them next to each other. Hold onto tight kids here we go…

  • +/-

Not particularly new having been around for 5 years, but this track of their new album certainly got my attention. Rhythmic, droning with excellent droning. They sound a lot like Bloc Party if they lived in America and went along with this whole slightly boring guitar layering thing building up into a big chorus at the end that they all do. It still works though.

Download:+/- -Leap Year [highly recommended]

visit: plusminus.us

  • Blackbud

Hailing from the renowned music hotpot of Bradford-On-Avon. Blackbud are a 3 piece band that have friends in high placed. Like Michael Eavis. He wears wellies. And they sound like Embrace before they tried to so concertedly to sound like coldplay, and with Jimi Hendrix doing the solos. Not surprisingly they are on the same label as Embrace and Travis. Be careful boys, you don’t want to end up being the next Starsailor.

Download: Blackbud- Heartbeat

visit: blackbud.co.uk / myspace

  • Johnossi

I heard about these guys from Miss Modernage. They are Swedish so making amazing pop songs was genetically inherited from their ancestors. Johnossi were also signed after 2 gigs and a show on a gay boat. Their set up is with one acoustic guitarist (through a dirty amp) and one big drummer. They sound like they should be a soundtrack to some 4×4 advert with a big brutish car shooting through puddles and bouncing around while a mature but “cool” dad drives his kids to a school through a great Nordic forest. I warn you this may get stuck in your head all day. Sorry!

Download: Johnossi- Rescue team [highly recommended]

Visit: myspace / johnossi.com

  • Royal Treatment Plan

One of the only British indie/rock acts around. They make post libertine rock music with inter-twisting guitar lines and female singer. There are never enough. I wish them the best of luck. They sound like Sonic Youth and Fugazi having a jam, with PJ Harvey singing.

Download: The Royal Treatment Plan- You Don’t Need Me

Visit: myspace / royaltreatmentplan.com

  • Silversun Pickup

One of the most blogged bands this year. And probably one of the most exciting too. I can simply describe them as The Howling Bells playing Pixies covers. They are really awesome. So much so, they can have a video in here.

It’s like grunge never ended. Sadly if you live in the US they appear only to be touring with Wolfmother and Snowpatrol. Lets hope they are not spoiled into playing rubbish music by the time they get to the UK. Someone book them now!

Download: Silversun Pickups- Well Though Out Twinkles [highly highly recommended*]

Visit: silversunpickups.com

  • The Blood Brothers

Angry, American, young and pretentious. These guys are gonna be your next favourite band or annoy the fuck out of you. I found this song initially grating, but i was walking home to it yesterday and I nearly kicked a squirrel in the head with this cacophony going on. By the way, just so your not confused. They’re a five piece, its just photoshop.

Download: The Blood Brothers- Set Fire To The Face On Fire

Visit: Myspace / thebloodbrothers.com

  • The Grates

I posted a song from these guys ages ago here. But I think since they wrote the best song of this year they deserved another mention here. An Australian 3 piece who just make clean fun indie garage pop. I think they describe themselves best though:

“3 best friends who play music for 30 minutes to 1 hour”

I say think a pippettes RAWK side project.

Download: The Grates- Science is Golden [highly recommended]

Visit: myspace / thegrates.com

  • The Specimen

this is what happens when Poland and Brooklyn collides. You get a punky electroclash band in denial. Or just a really pushy PR manager. Either way this should be pumping in your nearest club. Funky, punky and a bit to cool for their own good.

Download: The Specimen-Do Your Damage

Visit: myspace / thespecimen.org


    Actually one of the most popular acts in Australia, these two twins sound like Pink with dignity. It’s alright to have them as a guilty pop secret though, as no one in the UK’s heard of them and both popjustice and hotstufffiles love them too. They could justify the holocaust…. maybe. Again i must warn you. This song is more infectious than avian flu.
    Download: The Veronicas- 4eva

    Visit: myspace / theveronicas.com

    They can have a big picture as they are fit.

    • Thunderball

    Influenced by jazz, boss novva, R’n’B, funk, Latin and electro. These guys are very different from endless angry teens I keep posting up. They perform either as DJ’s or an 8 piece band, and make music for spies, Casanovas and hip people who have dinner parties on glass tables. Check ’em out.

    Download: Thunderball- Return of the panther

    Visit: thunderballdc.com

    • Whiteflight

    I know I know! Stereogum found these guys ages ago. But I though it would be worth reminding you of your existence. Named after the phenomenon of rich White people leaving inner American cities since the 30’s. These guys are an interesting band that make music that sounds like The Arcade Fire’s failing attempt at dance music. It does make interesting listening though. They have indeterminable number of members. But there is definitely at least one. I dunno fuck shit.

    Download: White flight- Solarsphere

    Visit: Myspace / rangeliferecords.com

    Longest mp3 blog post ever? Quite fucking possibly. Well done for getting this far. You are beautiful have great taste and now at least half an hours of great tunes to enjoy or hate. Toodlepip i need a lie down and some lunch.

    CSS, The 1990’s and Scala November 15, 2006

    Posted by alexd in Buzz band, Gig reviews, Music.

    Evening, sorry for sporadic posting of late. I have loads of cool music to post, and few time to do them proper posts each. So expect a mahoosive post featuring about 20 bands on Saturday. Anyway, just to provide some proper journalism I will give you a review of a gig, nice eh?

    Last night was the first opportunity for London’s under 18’s to experience the best thing brazil has produced since bikini waxes. Having previously played earlier in this year at Dingwalls, I have been waiting for this for months and I wasn’t disappointed. That is apart from arriving too early and having to see The Rogers Sisters again try and be cleverer than they are. The Drummer can drum, their female guitarist is very good but they really can’t sing as well as they think their can. And their lyrics are still appalling. “I’m a ballerina, I’m a ballerina” add infinitum; no your not, your an overweight hipster wearing a poncho and a stupid hat.

    Next up where the very jolly 1990’s who thanked just about everyone there and rightly so, hindsight making them look extra ordinary when sat next to Brazilian alternapunk’s best known septuplet. Despite being infinitely better than the previous performers still managed come off as a slightly catchy goofy looking threesome that might entertain your little sister if she has been brainwashed into liking The Kooks. Definitely for someone who enjoys choruses of the Kaiser Chief “Na na na”, “la la la” variety. I will probably still put the badge that one of their pushy female street team members dumped in the blokes toilets, as the best thing about them was their logo. Props must be given they got better through their set, still a bet meh.

    Before I push on The Scala roadie team must be congratulated for being some of the fasted techies around, there was nearly always some one on stage fiddling when their was no performers. This makes a change from the normally lazy attitude that some roadies have. Anyway back to business.

    Lovefoxx second appearance on stage (having dueted with the 1990’s for one song, interestingly featuring monkeys mating calls mid chorus), signalled the what the packed crowd had been waiting for. I had even forgotten how many members they had, they just kept pouring out the dressing room like clowns out of a tiny car. Once ready they burst rapturously into the first song, although the keyboardist initially struggled with some new equipment we found out later. They all bounced around, lovefoxx striking poses while yelping into the mike, even singing from within the moshpit. The carnival spirit was most evident during this month day 10, when the crowd joined in to do an alternative punk Macarena. I forgot how consistent their debut album is. All their songs sit well in their set. But none inspired more excitement and jumping from the fairly old crowd (for an indie gig average 20-30) than “Lets Make Love and Listen to Death From Above”. This is a band that thrives on just making noise, and they really don’t mind if it’s a dinghy sweaty club or a cramped studio.

    Their cover of L7’s “Pretend Were Dead” was excellent to!

    If you can see them you should 8.7/10.

    Oh look you can!

    See them with 1990’s around the UK

    And then back in London!

    My reviewing: 2/10

    Download: CSS- Lets Make Love and Listen To Death From Above

    CSS- Art Bitch

    In other news the quite excellent The Littes Ones will be touring the UK and US soon.

    Download: The Little Ones- Face the Facts

    Horizon Paranoia November 7, 2006

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    sleeping diseaseThanks BBC! Once again distracted me into doing something I shouldn’t be doing. That being watching television when I should be doing homework. Meh.. biology revision.

    Anyway once the BBC had put the fear of god in me during the latest episode of Horizon describing how 1 out of every 10 people will die initially from flu (especially the young… great), following rioting and economic breakdown. Even if you leave through the initial disease the virus could slip into your brain and possibly cause the most fucking scary disease ever.

    Encephalitis lethargica

    Basically, you become slow, tired, retarded and rigid. A prison of your own body. The victims on the program looked like Auschwitz victims. At least they could still walk. So what do you want do next year? Go to London? That’s a brilliant idea, why don’t you just seal the deal and go to some Open Days at Uni’s. Nice one.

    Happy song, Happy song!

    Download: The Zombies- This WillBe Our Year

    Unheard Artist: The OaKs November 7, 2006

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    the oaksI remember a month or so back, finding that I was posting a few too many slightly angry art student types making fast-paced rock/punk music. Luckily I found this band making lovely  gentle music to sooth soul.

    Ryan Costello was still a student during Septmber 11th , inspiring him to join the Global Hope Network. And this is the sound of those years helping recently returned refugees in Afghanistan.

    Further inspired by his time there he returned and started a band and created an album with his good friends and fellow musicians Matt Antolick, Naomi Schalm,  Jeremy Siegel, Greg Wilson and the hilariously names Tim Cocking. And from this evidence The OaKs have done a fine job.

    They’ve spent the past year well, creating gentle melodic indie-folk that could be imagined as what would happen if Leslie Feist was replaced by Jose Gonzalez in Broken Social Scene, with the religious paranoia of Bright Eyes. Their music softly combines layers guitars, mandolins, glockenspiels, drums, bells, organs and often repetitive harmonic riffs from their own lips into making a big but non-confrontational sound. It embraces and lets you float across its sound-scape. Costello’s lyrics are simple, restrained but emotive. What do you think?

    Download: The OaKs- My Father’s God [highly recommended]

    The OaKs- Message From the Moon

    The OaKs- The Sins Of My Fathers 

    Hear more from the band

    Second Opinion?

    Buzzband:Can Joann November 4, 2006

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    Look a review of a band! Hooray!

    Bad name aside. The Can Joann have been my favourite pop band since I got back. The instrumentalism is tight as ants snatch. Excellent drumming backs up consistant base and lead guitaring, but the thing that makes them stand out from many of their contempories is their vocalisation. Their singer singers with an unrelenting conviction and varied intonation where it is needed.

    I must apologise for being behind the curve if looking on elbo.ws. But time has only hardened my belief in this band. Nearest comparisons to this band would be “Orson” except that much more magical and with a charming lack of Californian gloss and sheen that the former perspire. Definitely on the radar, enjoy. Expect another review tomorrow, and another after that hopefully.

    Download: Can Joann- Endure en vogue

    Can Joann- Lady Luck

    Can Joann- Indecision’s Way

    Can Joann- After The Seizure’s Gone

    Unheard Artist: Borny November 3, 2006

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    It always makes me happy when musical discoveries come to you in new ways. I found this artist having subscribed to his channel on youtube, under that belief that it would send some nice old footage of the virtuoso blues guitarist on a sporadic basis.

    What I didn’t know was that the owner of that channel Borny. Happened to be a virtuoso himself. It has to be said I am always annoying my own guitar teacher for not being a massive fan of shredding and solos lasting more than 1 minute, but this young norwegian lad has enough passion for me to break this rule. A lot of the time their appears to be no discernible riff, but always melody and rock-solid groove. If you like blues, guitar playing or you just have ears and a heart…


    Ecoute: Borney- Jimmies Boogie Shuffle

    Lil’ Finds November 3, 2006

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    Firstly, big news for myself, other bloggers and undiscovered artists someone has made a site that could finally compete with myspace.

    Adam Stennett also caught my eye today with his amazing photo-realistic paintings of mice, in strange locations.

    Also make sure you watch/record Later… With Jools as its normally well publicised return to friday night television begins tonight. BBC2 at 11:35pm to be precise.

    And this was a gem I found on Youtube following the hilarious Secret Policeman’s Ball featuring Noel Fielding (Mighty Boosh, big hairdo) and Russel Brand (…. big hairdo) discussing race horses where the sun don’t shine.