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Video Overload September 19, 2006

Posted by alexd in Live, Music, Video.
  • Love Ends Disaster- Ginko Disco

The lovely lads from LED have made a video for their constant crowd pleaser “Ginko Disco”. I’d have never thought such black humour was a potential from best kept band in Nottingham. They would quite like some votes on NME.com. Please go help ’em out.

Download: Love Ends Disaster- Ginko Disco

  • Album Leaf- Always For You

The making of their album video was a featured video at YouTube. But now they have a video to go along with this top tune.

Download: The Album Leaf- Always For You

  • Lupe Fiasco ft. Jill Scott- Daydreamin’

Kanye’s West young prodigies best work to date. Their should definitely be more hip hop that samples The Beta Band.

You can see him peform at the London Scala on the 25th

And Radiohead



1. Benny K - September 20, 2006

Actually I think Lupe Fiasco samples I Monster (Daydream In Blue), not The Beta Band (Squares). There is a lot of contriversy over that tune (Daydream). I personally prefer The Beta Band version…

I’ve always liked that Love Ends Disaster track though. It’s pretty good. Are they picking up now? That tracks pretty old now innit?

2. alexd - September 20, 2006

The bassist sent it to me last year. I still think its their best song, i think they need to decide how much they want to sound like bloc party before moving on.

3. Adasam - September 24, 2006

LED! are supporting Babyshambles next week and I think they’ve recorded new stuff being banded about. Hard to get though as they are waiting for a new label to put it out so their old label tell me.

4. Rough theme= kinda rocky bits « Dirtybronson - September 24, 2006

[…] I’ve talked about these guys in previous posts. And possibly via the wonderful narcissistic stalker tool technorati. The guitarist Jon got in contact with me, and having thanked me for the nice comments sent me a new track that is proper new and exclusive (won’t be released as a single until next year due to label changes I believe) and his full recommendation to spread it with you lovely people. […]

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