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Unheard Artist: Mike Nicolai/Bah humbug Rant December 17, 2006

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what christmas does to you If any of you have been reading any blogs beyond the endless drivelly “Best Of Lists” appearing on blogs, and the furthermore blogs by bloggers blogging about another bloggers blog blogging about “Best of lists” you may have noticed bow many bands have done “fun”/”wacky”/”twee”/”indie”and uniformly crap Christmas songs. I wont even give them the pleasure of listing them off.

Its not a necessary evil, by any means. But your average sycophantic scenester who knows 3 chords rockstar, is rather wound up in that grossly perverted commercial Christmas (Like that fucking kid in Hamley’s in November)  so every back to basics; “about family and friends” just sneers pervertedly back at me. And that’s why The Pogues are still the only band to write a good song about Christmas. Rather than the often misinterpreted good Christmas song.

Thanks for letting me get that out. Its not very good for someone that’s has spent the last 5 years actively arguing against Christmas. Those who did the maths will know that means i hated Christmas by the time I was 12. I did a PowerPoint presentation on it in year 8 English. It makes sense now when I look back why I’m a despicable cynical alternative music listening human husk I am now. I’ll stop now.

Go buy some crap for some people you dont like!

and make time to make stuff for those you do! Oh wait, you have no time, your too busy polluting the atmosphere with your gaudy lights, eating things imported by plains and chopping down the rainforest’s so you can wrap up oil based gifts with disposable paper and sending out unfunny cards. Oh humbuggar.

Actually on second thoughts, The Pogues and this one.

Download: Mike Nicolai- Christmas Is For Losers

Website: mikenicolai.net

Myspace: Mike Nicolai doesn’t have enough friends to buy shit presents for


Silversun anti-backlash-campaign continues and Arcade Fire news December 8, 2006

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Apparently I’m not the only person who struggled to get tickets to see The Arcade Fire in some tiny churches around London. In fact just too some probable dubious behaviour (makes me think about removing that link to the right) from See tickets employees, many found that tickets had sold out before they went on sale. According to “toohot”:

“How can tickets sell out before the gig? It’s all those f**king wankers from the ticket outlets flogging them to either their mates or on ebay. It’s happening, trust. Sure, it must be a perk of the job but it takes the piss.”

While maximusharasius says:

“I phoned up see tickets and got through at 8.58am and all the dates were sold out so they sold out before they went on sale can anyone from see tickets explain that?”

Luckily The Arcade Fire are lovely people and have agreed to sell some tickets. Fucking touts.

here more from THE rag

Website: arcadefire.com

Myspace: The ArcadeFire have more friends than they can invite to a birthday party

And the antibacklash campaign. Just this…

 Silversun Pickups- Lazy Eye (David Lettermen show)

Tell me they’re not one of the best bands like ever.

Unheard Artist: Matt Pound December 8, 2006

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Maybe it was my slightly dull day resonating with this song. Maybe it was the knowing nudge and wink from my own knieving sister. But this is quite enjoyable, and not another angry/art/pop/indie tune that i have a scary tendency to keep posting up. In fact its a confident lad with his voice and an acoustic guitar. Something very different form your average hair-based, scare your parents rock and roll that most of those blasted young people make these days. Think son of Damien Rice and Katie Melua and your almost there.

Download: Matt Pound- Take Care

Myspace: Matt Pound doesn’t have enough friends 

Link Dump December 7, 2006

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  • MCR Christmas song– Wouldn’t mind a head between this and The Killers one. It’s honestly not that bad. Maybe its because I hate christmas, so a band I hate doing a festive song some how justifies my emotion on a deeper level. Meh.. catchy cover.
  • Oohlas Christmas song– Gets earlier and earlier every year doesn’t it. But some people like this cack.

Premptive-Anti-Silversun Pickups-Backlash-Campaign December 7, 2006

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silversun pickupsThere not Canadian, they have a song a VW advert, and everyone loves them. It’s inevitable, but I won’t be alone in slipping this into any “favourite album of the year” lists that will be popping up like spots on a teenagers face in the coming weeks. I tipped you off about this LA indie/grunge foursome last week or 2. A possible instigator of this backlash, may be their next single. You can just hear pitchfork sharpening their knives after ripping a hole in the album like some old sail. Its not meant for you! Everything is not meant for your too cool for school leanings, go back to your room and listen to your Decemberist album for the 10,000th time and cry yourself to sleep because when you go to parties they never play any good music.

To paraphrase musicforants.com:

“The explosion of sound that occurs at 2:46 here is one of the best moments in a 2006 song. It’s even better live with the band extending the final guitar part for minutes beyond what the studio version gives you.”

And since we are hardcore here, below is the album version of the video. Enjoy!

Silversun Pickups- Lazy Eye

And since it looks like it wont be released anytime in the uk soon.

Download: Silversun Pickups- Lazy Eye [highly recommended]

Also because your cool scenestar.net notes:

“Oh, and btw

he may kill me…

..however, my cousin Hank May is the star of the latest Silversun Pickups video for the song “Lazy Eye.” My heart swelled with pride when I saw him. By far, this is the raddest thing to happen in my family. We have all watched this roughly a million times in the past week.

Here’s a link to the video:


He’s the one who a) is male and b) comes in midway through, with a leather jacket slung over his shoulder. He is also a brilliant songwriter.”

Website: silversunpickups.com

Myspace: silversun pickups don’t need anymore friends

P.S. I’m really sad and I’ve transcribed “Well Thought Out Twinkles”, expect to find that on ultimate guitar in the distant future on my current record.

Confessions of the worlds worst blogger…. December 7, 2006

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…punctuality wise anyway. Over a month late due to my own cynicism of a song, video and PR campaign being too good for its own sake (the video was directed by Lemony Snickett for gods sake, too good to be true). Anyway, let one of the best songs of this winter wash over your soul.

Memphis- I’ll Do What Ever You Want

Gorgeous eh? Some of you may not have heard that, but that was some of the latest auditory experimentation from Torquil Campbell and Chris Dumont of Stars and Metric phase. Or something like that. Still best described by youaintnopicasso.com as:

“Stars at their dreamiest, or Jeff Buckley at his friendliest. Gentle electric guitar and wistful vocals are always a winner in my book.”

Download: Memphis:- I’ll Do Whatever You Want [highly recommended]

Website: memphis.ca

Myspace: memphiscanada