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CSS, The 1990’s and Scala November 15, 2006

Posted by alexd in Buzz band, Gig reviews, Music.

Evening, sorry for sporadic posting of late. I have loads of cool music to post, and few time to do them proper posts each. So expect a mahoosive post featuring about 20 bands on Saturday. Anyway, just to provide some proper journalism I will give you a review of a gig, nice eh?

Last night was the first opportunity for London’s under 18’s to experience the best thing brazil has produced since bikini waxes. Having previously played earlier in this year at Dingwalls, I have been waiting for this for months and I wasn’t disappointed. That is apart from arriving too early and having to see The Rogers Sisters again try and be cleverer than they are. The Drummer can drum, their female guitarist is very good but they really can’t sing as well as they think their can. And their lyrics are still appalling. “I’m a ballerina, I’m a ballerina” add infinitum; no your not, your an overweight hipster wearing a poncho and a stupid hat.

Next up where the very jolly 1990’s who thanked just about everyone there and rightly so, hindsight making them look extra ordinary when sat next to Brazilian alternapunk’s best known septuplet. Despite being infinitely better than the previous performers still managed come off as a slightly catchy goofy looking threesome that might entertain your little sister if she has been brainwashed into liking The Kooks. Definitely for someone who enjoys choruses of the Kaiser Chief “Na na na”, “la la la” variety. I will probably still put the badge that one of their pushy female street team members dumped in the blokes toilets, as the best thing about them was their logo. Props must be given they got better through their set, still a bet meh.

Before I push on The Scala roadie team must be congratulated for being some of the fasted techies around, there was nearly always some one on stage fiddling when their was no performers. This makes a change from the normally lazy attitude that some roadies have. Anyway back to business.

Lovefoxx second appearance on stage (having dueted with the 1990’s for one song, interestingly featuring monkeys mating calls mid chorus), signalled the what the packed crowd had been waiting for. I had even forgotten how many members they had, they just kept pouring out the dressing room like clowns out of a tiny car. Once ready they burst rapturously into the first song, although the keyboardist initially struggled with some new equipment we found out later. They all bounced around, lovefoxx striking poses while yelping into the mike, even singing from within the moshpit. The carnival spirit was most evident during this month day 10, when the crowd joined in to do an alternative punk Macarena. I forgot how consistent their debut album is. All their songs sit well in their set. But none inspired more excitement and jumping from the fairly old crowd (for an indie gig average 20-30) than “Lets Make Love and Listen to Death From Above”. This is a band that thrives on just making noise, and they really don’t mind if it’s a dinghy sweaty club or a cramped studio.

Their cover of L7’s “Pretend Were Dead” was excellent to!

If you can see them you should 8.7/10.

Oh look you can!

See them with 1990’s around the UK

And then back in London!

My reviewing: 2/10

Download: CSS- Lets Make Love and Listen To Death From Above

CSS- Art Bitch

In other news the quite excellent The Littes Ones will be touring the UK and US soon.

Download: The Little Ones- Face the Facts



1. Ben Keeler - November 18, 2006

Saw CSS + 1990s last night. Rogers Sisters weren’t bad, but I could see why they were in support even though they’ve been on the scene for much longer. 1990s were brilliant, much better than when I saw them support The Pipettes. CSS were fantastic also, with Lovefoxxx doing small covers of Missy Elliot and my friend (who stayed for the encore) said they covered something else that he recognised…
Got back from Southampton at 1:30, soaking wet, but I’ll tell you what – it was bloody worth it!
Benny K

PS: I got some badges, a 1990s tote bag and a pink CSS tee. Get any merch?

2. alexd - November 18, 2006

Just the 1990s badge from the loo :). I didnt actually see a merch stand, i made a CSS t-shirt already anyway. Glad you had a good time!

3. Cat - November 26, 2006

I saw CSS too in Sheffield!! They were so much fun, and I spotted Lovefoxxx in the crowd during 1990s and got a pic with her. Anyway, really like your blog!!

4. alexd - November 27, 2006

Well Thankyou very much. I apologise for not posting as much as i would like to. Im currently forced into quality over quantity. i love quantity sadly.

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