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Peter Von Poehl December 9, 2007

Posted by alexd in Been round a while but I hadn't heard of until recently, Gig Review, Gig reviews, Live, Music, Pop, Video.
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Genre: Folk/Acoustic/Pop

Label: Bella Union

I initially had difficulty

tracking him down. As during his absorbing and enchanting performance he referred to him self as Peter Von Poo. This though did not detract from his delicate electric and acoustic guitar playing, or deny him his amazing voice. I have never been more spellbound by a solo performer ever. I did find he had done a video for my favourite song of the night. I’ll shut up now.
Peter Von Poehl- The Story Of The Impossible

Enchanting, hypnotic, hyperbolic. Wish I was into it when it actually came out in 2006.

You can though get a song of his for free as I’m to lazy to get it for you here.

Buy his album so he can get some mouse traps. Tune in next week for some more poorly researched and formatted rubbish on Johnny Foreigner, Stricken City and Members of the Public.

Myspace: Don’t let your girlfriend near him, he will steel her and make you cry

Website: www.petervonpoehl.com


Late Summer Lovelyness part.5 September 6, 2007

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Oxford Summer, originally uploaded by jazmyn.

French Kicks- So Far We Are

You know how I’m on a bit of Phoenix high at the mo. Well French Kicks (probably influenced by the name) that despite coming from New York sound like they heard about the Strokes via listening to Phoenix, rather than putting the radio on or reading local magazines. Their rhythmic, melodic and deft use of lyrics would never reveal their youths spent listening to DC hardcore. For it all though, it barely matters. This is a gorgeous song with trebley guitars, frenetic but controlled drumming and a magical vocal. The production really helps lift this song (note the subtle doo doohs at the end of the verses) into the stratospheres of alternative pop. If you love this as much as me its probably worth heading over to freeindie.com to collect up some mp3.

Download: French Kicks- So Far We Are [highly recommended]

Website: www.frenckicks.com

Myspace: For being around 8 years you would think they have more friends

BeenroundawhilebutIonlyjustheardthem: Caribou August 19, 2007

Posted by alexd in Been round a while but I hadn't heard of until recently, BeenAroundButIOnlyJustGotIntoThem, Music, Video.
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Hi guys (and girls), I’m back here’s a quick post on one of the songs that has been ricocheting around my cranium for the last… ooh 48 hours?

Despite average reviews of the album the single of Andorra by Caribou is amazing. Utterly gobsmackingly amazing. A simple driving bass drum pounds continuously through the song, routing it enough for ethereal melodies and chords to float and swirl ever upwards. You would never guess without prior knowledge that Caribou was an electronic knob twister with this being a product of a change in direction. Now sounding like Battles on a trip or maybe the fore-mentioned jamming with Midlake.

Even more amazingly this dreamy psych rock song was forged in the bowls of a nebula but safely in a leafy city suburb by one man, a condenser mike and a computer by the looks of this BBC Collective video. Regarde.

Reminded me to try and sort out my own condenser mike. The video for this song is also quite fantastic.

Caribou- Melody Day

Oh and just before the obvious stuff you want below. My i mention my ventures into capitalism. I opened up an Amazon a-store cleverly named “Dirtybronson Dirty Deals” (alliteration kicks arse!(Just realised how poor my grammer is)). Although I believe it is a dangerous coup to monopolise the Internet, I got one as all the cool kids had one and I wasn’t in the mood for being a dissenter. Please for the sake of my poverty stricken, (unborn) children have a browse of all the lovely stuff that I like and believe is worth spending a small percentage of your wage on.

And purchase tickets for Caribous upcoming gigs. The one with Architecture in Helsinki looks fun.

MP3: Caribou- Melody Day [highly recommended]

Myspace: Caribou should be more popular as they’ve been round a while

Website: www.caribou.fm <– lovely site btw

Super big uber post of 12 great bands November 19, 2006

Posted by alexd in Been round a while but I hadn't heard of until recently, Buzz band, Music, Pop, Unheard Artist.

This is the blogging equivalent of going for broke. As much as I would love to give each band a nice little review which they can then quote on their myspace or website if they are really desperate, I don’t have the time at the moment. So I might as well not sit on any of them any longer (I have a lot of these tracks for months) and just give them to you. Some of these bands have had a lot more exposure than others, so it’ll be interesting to see them next to each other. Hold onto tight kids here we go…

  • +/-

Not particularly new having been around for 5 years, but this track of their new album certainly got my attention. Rhythmic, droning with excellent droning. They sound a lot like Bloc Party if they lived in America and went along with this whole slightly boring guitar layering thing building up into a big chorus at the end that they all do. It still works though.

Download:+/- -Leap Year [highly recommended]

visit: plusminus.us

  • Blackbud

Hailing from the renowned music hotpot of Bradford-On-Avon. Blackbud are a 3 piece band that have friends in high placed. Like Michael Eavis. He wears wellies. And they sound like Embrace before they tried to so concertedly to sound like coldplay, and with Jimi Hendrix doing the solos. Not surprisingly they are on the same label as Embrace and Travis. Be careful boys, you don’t want to end up being the next Starsailor.

Download: Blackbud- Heartbeat

visit: blackbud.co.uk / myspace

  • Johnossi

I heard about these guys from Miss Modernage. They are Swedish so making amazing pop songs was genetically inherited from their ancestors. Johnossi were also signed after 2 gigs and a show on a gay boat. Their set up is with one acoustic guitarist (through a dirty amp) and one big drummer. They sound like they should be a soundtrack to some 4×4 advert with a big brutish car shooting through puddles and bouncing around while a mature but “cool” dad drives his kids to a school through a great Nordic forest. I warn you this may get stuck in your head all day. Sorry!

Download: Johnossi- Rescue team [highly recommended]

Visit: myspace / johnossi.com

  • Royal Treatment Plan

One of the only British indie/rock acts around. They make post libertine rock music with inter-twisting guitar lines and female singer. There are never enough. I wish them the best of luck. They sound like Sonic Youth and Fugazi having a jam, with PJ Harvey singing.

Download: The Royal Treatment Plan- You Don’t Need Me

Visit: myspace / royaltreatmentplan.com

  • Silversun Pickup

One of the most blogged bands this year. And probably one of the most exciting too. I can simply describe them as The Howling Bells playing Pixies covers. They are really awesome. So much so, they can have a video in here.

It’s like grunge never ended. Sadly if you live in the US they appear only to be touring with Wolfmother and Snowpatrol. Lets hope they are not spoiled into playing rubbish music by the time they get to the UK. Someone book them now!

Download: Silversun Pickups- Well Though Out Twinkles [highly highly recommended*]

Visit: silversunpickups.com

  • The Blood Brothers

Angry, American, young and pretentious. These guys are gonna be your next favourite band or annoy the fuck out of you. I found this song initially grating, but i was walking home to it yesterday and I nearly kicked a squirrel in the head with this cacophony going on. By the way, just so your not confused. They’re a five piece, its just photoshop.

Download: The Blood Brothers- Set Fire To The Face On Fire

Visit: Myspace / thebloodbrothers.com

  • The Grates

I posted a song from these guys ages ago here. But I think since they wrote the best song of this year they deserved another mention here. An Australian 3 piece who just make clean fun indie garage pop. I think they describe themselves best though:

“3 best friends who play music for 30 minutes to 1 hour”

I say think a pippettes RAWK side project.

Download: The Grates- Science is Golden [highly recommended]

Visit: myspace / thegrates.com

  • The Specimen

this is what happens when Poland and Brooklyn collides. You get a punky electroclash band in denial. Or just a really pushy PR manager. Either way this should be pumping in your nearest club. Funky, punky and a bit to cool for their own good.

Download: The Specimen-Do Your Damage

Visit: myspace / thespecimen.org


    Actually one of the most popular acts in Australia, these two twins sound like Pink with dignity. It’s alright to have them as a guilty pop secret though, as no one in the UK’s heard of them and both popjustice and hotstufffiles love them too. They could justify the holocaust…. maybe. Again i must warn you. This song is more infectious than avian flu.
    Download: The Veronicas- 4eva

    Visit: myspace / theveronicas.com

    They can have a big picture as they are fit.

    • Thunderball

    Influenced by jazz, boss novva, R’n’B, funk, Latin and electro. These guys are very different from endless angry teens I keep posting up. They perform either as DJ’s or an 8 piece band, and make music for spies, Casanovas and hip people who have dinner parties on glass tables. Check ’em out.

    Download: Thunderball- Return of the panther

    Visit: thunderballdc.com

    • Whiteflight

    I know I know! Stereogum found these guys ages ago. But I though it would be worth reminding you of your existence. Named after the phenomenon of rich White people leaving inner American cities since the 30’s. These guys are an interesting band that make music that sounds like The Arcade Fire’s failing attempt at dance music. It does make interesting listening though. They have indeterminable number of members. But there is definitely at least one. I dunno fuck shit.

    Download: White flight- Solarsphere

    Visit: Myspace / rangeliferecords.com

    Longest mp3 blog post ever? Quite fucking possibly. Well done for getting this far. You are beautiful have great taste and now at least half an hours of great tunes to enjoy or hate. Toodlepip i need a lie down and some lunch.

    Tiger Force October 3, 2006

    Posted by alexd in Been round a while but I hadn't heard of until recently, Music, Video.

    Now if you found the other two bands a bit boring this might be the lot for you. Another wonderful find by dreamsofhorses.

    These guys apparently make nofi grunge music, which is nice. Us lots who don’t’s live in North London will have to just understand that they make punk music with a drum machine, and have a nasally singer guitarist and a screamy female guitarist. They appear to have a fashion for cardboard, marker pens and tapes. Enjoy.

    Tigerforce-  Go Back To You Glass House
    More info

    In other news don’t expect much for half a week as I shall be in Venice on a poncy art trip.