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Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pimp ect March 26, 2007

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Genre: Hip Hop/ Electronica/ Indie

Label: None

Another blatant hit. I found it on the excellent goodweatherforairstrikes. I was just waiting for the video (lies lies). This future smash hit, and saviour of spoken word/break beat is released April 2nd on iTunes and the 16th on 7inch. Me wanty.

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip- Thou Shalt Always Kill

Enjoy, well until they get popular.

Download: Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip- Thou Shalt Always Kill [highly recommended]

You can download it legally now from here

Website: www.danlesac.co.uk

Myspace: Scroobius and Dan are feeling lonely


Pop will eat itself March 26, 2007

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Been a bit distracted lately, but i have to procrastinate myself busy to avoid physics coursework. So lets go nuts.

Matt and Kim

Genre: Alternative Pop

Label: iheartcomix

via Freeindie.com

This guys only really got my attention following this post. To be honest i wasn’t overly impressed with most of the stuff (mostly just too simple and dull). But “Yea Yeah” stands out as one of the one greatest alternative pop songs on the planet. Its not legal for just a drum-set and a keyboard to be this catchy. It should be quarantined in a secure hospital far away from civilisation. Its flipping infectious.

Matt and Kim- Yea Yeah

Catchy eh?

Download: Matt and Kim- Yea Yeah [highly recommended]

Website: www.mattandkimmusic.com

Myspace: Matt and Kim are surprisingly popular. They did really promote themselves well at SXSW apparently

Cultural Fascism March 2, 2007

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cultural fascism

“People resent the destruction of culture and its replacement with these mass-produced corporate logos and slogans. It represents a kind of cultural fascism.”-Trim Bissell

And that was the start. I read No Logo by Naomi Klein last autumn and in it I found this quote. I knew it would be useful so i copied it down. And it was, essentially pulling me from my Art essay pretentiously called “The Art Of Manipulation” into looking at the difference between advertising and propaganda. My mind was then warped by this essay (which I now can’t find) into believing they are one of the same thing. Except one was demonized while the other was praised as capitalism’s saviour.

Thus when I discovered this project by the Anti Advertising Agency and the inventor of throwies Graffiti Research Labs my idea was resolute (the Ratatat probably got the creative juices flowing). The television pictured here plays a video of my brother watching television only lit by its occasionally blinking stare. I put the camera in front of the screen so it looks like he is staring back out at us, from behind the stencil that as as a screen between us and him, blocking televisions message and replacing it with my own. Its like interior culture jamming.

Anyway enough of that crap.


Label: None

Genre: Indie/Powerpop

Another great catch by Obscuresound.com these crazy kids are from Oxford and sound like a female fronted Violent Femmes or Giant Drag if they grew up in a satellite town. Anyway this songs infectious. I walked home to this song in the rain smiling like a loon once. Probably looked like a crazy lunatic. Anyway, notice the connection…

Download: Foxes!- Art Girl [highly recommended]

Notice it?

Website: www.sunnyblue.net/foxes Possibly the worst website ever. Merely a jesty Frontpage monster that just sits there. Slowly making you wanna throw up. A bit like the NME awards.

Myspace: Are doing quite well, but could do better with friends

Return of The Rakes March 1, 2007

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the rakesGenre: Art rock/Indie

Label: V2/Dim Mak

The Rakes are cooler than…. drugs. They also came across as very clever in The Guardian.

This text is just to keep the picture above the embedded tube of you.

And this bit. Regarde

The Rakes- We Danced Together

Yay! Another grower, definitely not as instant as previous heats like “Retreat” and “22 Grand Job” but them haunting backing vocals and groovy bass-line will pull you in. Ready for the soccer punch of The Rakes own type of catchy, “angular” chords in the chorus. Obviously with Alan nervous singing through out. Either way. Who else wants to join me up on a rooftop for and apocalyptic dystopian disco. 4.7 times more cool than the roof party in the “W.AY.U.H” video by The Rapture. Looking forward to their next album “Ten New Messages” more than breakfast.

Download: The Rakes- We Danced Together

Download: The Rake- We Danced Together (Sebastian Remix) [is not very good]

Website: www.rakes.co.uk

Myspace: The Rakes do not need any more friends