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Rave April 11, 2007

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Rave, originally uploaded by dirtybronson.

Wasted a whole day. Searched for wallet. Found it. Didn’t do blog post on Danananakroyd. Did listen to everything Ive ever downloaded. I’m for the first time ever up to date with what I’m downloading. I donwload a lot of crap, as a blogger. Listening for any nuggets. I treated myself to a listen of “The Holy Bible” by The Manic Street Preachers as a treat. So much for doing that physics coursework. Gonna have to do it tomorrow. Life of a procrastinator. I did some important things though like update all these tiny coded bits of webased pointlessness.




At least last last night made me feel warm and wanted inside. Could do a review of last last Saturdays Rakes gig. Worst blogger ever.


Unheard Artist: Mike Nicolai/Bah humbug Rant December 17, 2006

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what christmas does to you If any of you have been reading any blogs beyond the endless drivelly “Best Of Lists” appearing on blogs, and the furthermore blogs by bloggers blogging about another bloggers blog blogging about “Best of lists” you may have noticed bow many bands have done “fun”/”wacky”/”twee”/”indie”and uniformly crap Christmas songs. I wont even give them the pleasure of listing them off.

Its not a necessary evil, by any means. But your average sycophantic scenester who knows 3 chords rockstar, is rather wound up in that grossly perverted commercial Christmas (Like that fucking kid in Hamley’s in November)  so every back to basics; “about family and friends” just sneers pervertedly back at me. And that’s why The Pogues are still the only band to write a good song about Christmas. Rather than the often misinterpreted good Christmas song.

Thanks for letting me get that out. Its not very good for someone that’s has spent the last 5 years actively arguing against Christmas. Those who did the maths will know that means i hated Christmas by the time I was 12. I did a PowerPoint presentation on it in year 8 English. It makes sense now when I look back why I’m a despicable cynical alternative music listening human husk I am now. I’ll stop now.

Go buy some crap for some people you dont like!

and make time to make stuff for those you do! Oh wait, you have no time, your too busy polluting the atmosphere with your gaudy lights, eating things imported by plains and chopping down the rainforest’s so you can wrap up oil based gifts with disposable paper and sending out unfunny cards. Oh humbuggar.

Actually on second thoughts, The Pogues and this one.

Download: Mike Nicolai- Christmas Is For Losers

Website: mikenicolai.net

Myspace: Mike Nicolai doesn’t have enough friends to buy shit presents for

Rock Your Brain! September 9, 2006

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“The Times” has reported that rock muscic can increase your brain power

That sticks one on the nose of all those precoscious classical music snobs. I haven’t got anything against classical music, just the people who congregate around it. You’ve gotta give credit to a genre that has been going on for 400 years though.

I’ve always had a thing about making those parents that do buy those Baby Mozart CD’s, its just kinda desperate and ends up with the child being treated like they are the most special thing in the world. Inevitably causing mental breakdowns as the real world isn’t like that.

Steve Vai is a bit rubbish though. He is obviously a very talented guitarist, but I feel that rock music really needs lyrics. You can’t have a gig with people going “wheurgh, weee, erererer etc” in an attempt to immitate the star. Plus playing 3000 notes per minute is just a desperate attempt to make your dick look bigger using the guitar as a phallic totem of shred. They are blatently trying to cover up for a lack of melody. I’ll stop ranting now.

Instead let your baby listen to this.

Download: Steve Vai- The Boy From Seattle

Fileden doesn’t like me July 17, 2006

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They just cancelled my account. Possibly because approximately 1 Billion people downloaded The Killers song. So many of the old mp3’s don’t work until I reupload them. Just warning you, don’t blame me.