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I “Think I’m In Love With” Beck July 31, 2006

Posted by alexd in Music, Video.

Apolgies for the shit pun.

Not as hip-hop as I expected. But it’s not like Nigel Godrich is well known for his beats and keepin’ it street. Still, ace bassline and chorus. Also loving the drumming in the middle 8.

Download: Beck- Think I’m In Love

Oh yeah, the blogs gonna be on hiatus until I return from Cuba in 2 weeks. Adios!



1. Benny K - July 31, 2006


Also: me and Perks will be able to catch up with TC while you’re in Cuba. Don’t go getting caught up in any gang wars, dangerous communism or drugs exports now dear…

2. Perks - August 1, 2006

Yes! We can take over, I really should be posting more on my site now Keeler’s taking over XD

3. jay - August 2, 2006

Just like to say thanks for posting on my site. Kind of just got started and lacking many comments. 🙂 And I definatley will post songs that I think are cool and other guitar stuff.

4. Peter-P - August 3, 2006

Have fun in Cuba.

Super thanks for the mp3.

Is it me or is the volume low guys?

5. El Chooch - August 8, 2006

The volume is low, I adjusted it +100% and it’s still low compared to all my other beck stuff…

6. alexd - August 16, 2006

I know, i need to fiddle with my recording software. I’m aware of it, i just think something is better than nothing until i learn its many mysteries.

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