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Buzzband Update: Los Campesinos February 26, 2007

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los campesinosGenre: Indie/Alternative/ Pop

Label: Wichita (Bloc Party?)

Something a bit different. And an opportunity to try some cool new WordPress updates, whilst also avoiding doing that awkward art evaluation. Yes I’m back. I posted about these guys before they even formed back July. And as the visually misconstrued pillock I am, I only got reminded by how good they where when i got tempted to their ace new website, having been signed to Wichita, and don’t need to rely on the now so passe myspace. Whilst on their primary colour HTML smorgasbord I watched the video for my previous second favourite song by the gang “We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives”. I now believe it has the best chorus ever… and animated war sequence since that one with the toy soldiers done by Metric. Regarde.

Los Campesinos-We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives

Awesome… huh? I’ve been to a few parties like that, except that god awful Mika was on the stereo.

If you do bother to visit their webiste your will also find another great song (with a bad title verging on emothic length) called “Please Don’t Tell Me To Do The Maths” which sounds almost like a punk song until a glockenspiel pops in and then chorus bit slow bit. The chorus is a bit shit, but you can’t have everything. Still rubs salt in the wound left by not dropping Maths after AS levels.




I’ll try and post some obscure stuff soon. No promises when. Coursework and razzmatazz has a tendency to raise its ugly scaly head when I need it least. At least we can enjoy some “harmonious gluttony” while we can.

Download: Los Campesinos- We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives Download: Download: Los Campesinos- Please Don’t Make Me Do The Maths

Website: loscampesinos.com

Myspace: Los Campesinos should have more friends, they’re the next big thing, they’ve been in The Guardian and everything


Buzzband: Prototypes February 12, 2007

Posted by alexd in Buzz band, Look What I Just Found, Media, Music.

PrototypesGenre: Electro/Pop

Label: MusicMachine/Boxson/Minty Fresh


Ipod Shuffle Ad- The Prototypes- Who’s Gonna Sing?

I’m not just taking my cues from Apple’s all conquering advertising machine though. In fact I only took notice following Dreams of Horses post on their free EP. The song on the advert didn’t even catch my attention. Apple use a cool song, that’s about as common place now as Jamie Oliver’s great pie face leaping onto the screen with every Sainsbury’s ad exclaiming that i should try something new (llama flavoured toothpaste?). That EP sadly isn’t up officially any more, as per usual I’m a very slow/crap blogger. More like a conservative OAP, than the average knee jerk hipster who lets crap spill out their anus into thousands of blogs day after day.

Anyway, the EP is uniformly excellent. The band will remind many of CSS, with the combination of half-spoken, half-sung delivery, the fuzzy bass and tinny guitars with overlayed keyboard bleeps and bloops. This is definitely not a bad thing. You can dance to it, but expect a lot of remixes by Justice, Simian Mobile Disco, MSTKRFT or any of that bunch of sad bearded pro-tools DJ freaks that now haunt so many mp3 blogs via some horrible butchering remixification of some “indie classic”. But the great thing about this band is their resilience to using English. There is nothing worse than foreign bands ruining perfectly good music with piss poor linguistics. Swedish bands get immunity. They are also not American! I look forward to them vetoing some gigs in the future.

I’ll shut up now.

P.S. Lots of other bloggers hate them. Maybe they have Zunes?

P.S.S This post is not to be confused with The Prototypes who are just a bad amalgamation of everything wrong about British (London particularly) music scen. K-K-K-K Kaleidoscope!

Download:Prototypes- Je Ne Te Connais Pas [highly recommended]

Download:Prototypes- Exister

Download:Prototyped- Un Gars Fragile

Download:Prototypes- Décider

Download:Prototypes- Boxe [bit shit]

Website: dans francais- prototypesonline.artistes.universalmusic.fr

Myspace: Should have more friends, The Caesers do, and they’re crap

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Yay Snowday! February 8, 2007

Posted by alexd in Life, Music, Unheard Artist.

Like many simple folk in the south of this great country, I am home today following a great sprinkling of the white stuff. The chickens don’t know how to react. Their stubby reptilian legs barely lifting their bodies above the frozen snow. People on the radio are complaining about it as they always do, while children use it properly, laughing and frolicking outside as their parents fret about hypothermia. I am a geek. So I spent the morning catching up on News Scientist magazines.

Anyway on the topic of snow, I found a band a few months ago called “Snowfight In The City Centre” and this very catchy tune. They sound like a much more happy version of The Editors, or Snowpatrol (no pun intended) with souls. Enjoy.

Download: Snowfight In The City Centre- No Light Left

Website: snowfight.net

Myspace: someones been busy sending out invites, probably the drummer