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Downloads borked, Switzerland, Rio dead, iTunes annoying and a fat smelly link Dump June 27, 2006

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This is gonna be a terrible day for posting. I’ve just realised you guys can’t download any of the links I’ve made available, so I’m so sorry about that. Gonna sort that out this weekend. I cant do it now as I’m going to the home of geeks CERN in Switzerland. Yes! the place in Dan Browns tripe: “Angels and Demons” where antimatter was created, and really is on occasions.

My mp3 player (a trusty 5GB Rio Carbon that lasted me 2 and a half years) is also completely borked, right on the eve of this big trip, so I’m gonna have to salvage some of my music collection onto an iPod nano. This means the hassle of bloody iTunes trying to fuck everything up and then leaving the little thing’s harddrive to melt overnight as I upload things. So that’s why today is the first of hopefully infrequent link dumps.

P.S windows media 11 beta is absolutely gorgous if less practical than previous incarnation.


Killers have gone emo

The Avalanches might release another album finally

Dis completely pin down my disdain for The Automatic

Myspace is completely being overhyped in the media to get Advertising Execs sweaty as an easy way to sell stuff to the yoof of today

Imaad Wasif (or the new odd looking bloke in the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) goes solo live

Coffeeshops are now rock and roll thanks to KISS

The Guardian do a follow up on that fake myspace band that created hype enough for McGee

Beck is doing a hip-hop album with Nigel Godritch, gonna be amazing

People have found Pete from Big Brother’s band- actually not that band and could hold their own against Wolfmother in the realms of retro/rock

Arcade Fire have dropped some titbits on the follow up to “Funeral”- sounds cool

Sorry that dump ended up being long and slippy. I’m off to pack, metal ipods and eats some fibre.

Auf Wiedersehen,  Au revoir, Arrivederci and Sin seveser


Help Get Art Brut On TOTP June 26, 2006

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art brutI know some of you are still reeling from the culling of TOTP. But when the story first came to life, many indie music fans were distressed. As this mean’t the art/rock/punk/pop band Art Brut (who are currently recording the follow up to Bang, Band, Rock and Roll) would never achieve their dream of performing on the show. Which why people have now started a petition to get the band on the last show. In 3 days they’ve already gathered more than 2500 signatures! People are signing up for this quicker than save the whales!

Sign the petition here

Then Download:

Art Brut- Top Of The Pops

Art Brut- Good Weekend

Art Brut- Bad Weekend [highly recommended]

Art Brut- Formed A Band [highly recommended]

more at DiS

Free British Sea Power Gig June 25, 2006

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The greatest British bandaround are doing a free gig in Middlesbrough. to make money for the Brian Clough memorial fund, where they want to erect a statue in his name. More at fakediy

 And download (sorry these are wma)

British Sea Power- Remember me [highly recommended]

British Sea Power- Apologies to Insect Life 

British Sea Power- Please Stand Up 

Oh yeah also that bloke from Les Incompetents got smacked in the face, so they cancelled their Wireless slot. More

Flaming Lips- War Pig June 25, 2006

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A live favourite was rolled out by the band on Fridays "Jules Holland Show". It was awesome, going down well as they were covering a British band. it isn't on the web yet. but i did find this version which has Cat Power who was another guest on the same show.

DON’T MOG ITS WRONG! June 24, 2006

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Some of you cool cats may have heard of mog. The official line from mog is (from dvorak uncensored):

A test version of the niche social networking site MOG.com launched on Tuesday with the aim of hooking up people based on their taste in music — a sort of Myspace.com for music junkies.

The free site, started by former MTV marketing executive David Hyman with $1.4 million from private investors, requires users to download its application, MOG-O-MATIC.

The application catalogs the music on users’ computer hard drives and monitors what they play the most and what new tunes are added through online downloads and portable music players.

The data is analyzed several ways and posted to users’ MOG Web pages, which are open to inspection by the online world at large. Users also are encouraged to create their own blogs on their pages about their musical favorites.

The company does not generate music recommendations from the data but does provide 30-second sound links to all users’ collections as well as links to Apple Computer Inc’s iTunes Music Store and music e-tailer Amazon.com.

google image search fails terriblySo basically its a more intrusive Last fm you download their program, which then relays what your listening too and everything you have on your harddrive. Im sure that the RIAA and every major music company wouldnt be intersted in that. Its also owned by an ex MTV bigwig, so its undoubtably evil.

And now you know, lead the rebellion to victory, and just say no.

Dance music pushes the boundaries in being rubbish June 24, 2006

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Some of you older readers may remember Nikki French song "Total Eclipse of the heart" (if you younger you'll probably have seen this) which was a ballad covering a dance song. Well now the song has gone full circle and she has returned the song to its dance origins. This includes obligatory heavy beats, over-the-top relay of a single word, shite dancers and dodgy media player visualisation as a background. ENJOY!

Lily Allen Album Teaser June 24, 2006

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lilt allenLily Allen’s website is finally online. Meaning you don’t have to relie on myspace for your dose of Lily (I remember when she only had 250 friends, she is now on 30,000). Anyway if you sign up to the news letter you get an excellent album taster. Not entirely different from her original mixtapes that got her here.

Lilly Allen- Album Taster

NY Scenester’s Ironic Hip Dance Tune June 23, 2006

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Oxy Cottontail, apparently organises parties in NY. Where ironic people can meet up and be ironic. Great… not.

Oxy Cottontail- Oxy’s Anthem

Social Searching is the new Organic Search June 23, 2006

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I don't know though. I'll have to see what my "neighbours" think.


Graham Coxon covers The Libertines June 22, 2006

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Graham Coxon is using a Libertines cover as one of the b-sides on his next single 'I Can’t Look At Your Skin / What’s He Got?'

The single, released on July 17th, will be released on two limited edition 7" only, with the first b-side being Coxon's performance of 'Time For Heroes' recorded earlier in the year on Jo Whiley’s Live Lounge, and the second being new track 'Outta My League, Dear.

As ever, this is another excuse to post some songs to make your life that little bit brighter.

graham coxon

Graham Coxon- I can't stand the look for your skin <— One of the more punky songs on his new album "Love travels at illegal speeds".

Graham Coxon- What's he got? <—- much more poppy but still ace

The Libertines- Time for Heroes <— the original

and the best

But there's a rumour spread nasty disease around town

Caught round the houses with your trousers down