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I fail April 28, 2008

Posted by alexd in Life.

at blogging. It wasn’t my fault. Virgin Media are fascists and had purposely slowed my internet down to a pace that causes murder.

Anyway Jeej has put me to shame by actually using a hiatus to make his awesome blog mind blowing. Go clicky and make him feel like he hasnt wasted his life.

I didn’t commit a murder btw 🙂


End of Hiatus April 17, 2008

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I’ve been lazy. I’ve been having second thoughts about the point of music blogging full stop. But I made some promises and I wanna make some changes. I like the very talented Nick of culturevulture AM going to blog. This counts as one. I just thought that maybe this blog got put on the back burner coinciding with getting a girlfriend. How awful girlfriend=blog one replacing the other. I might as well boot up linux now.

Exams Kill May 28, 2007

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exams5, originally uploaded by will wade.
Hello, just to make sure people are aware. Nothing should be happening till the end of June here until this craps out the way. Here’s some stuff to distract you till then.
Digitalism- Pogo

If the world was fair this would be the dance song of the summer. It won’t. Damn you cruel world. It is definitely one of the most catchy electro boogies going though.
MP3: Digitalism- Pogo [highly recommended]
Website: www.thedigitalism.com
Myspace: Digitalism don’t need any more friends
Goodshoes- Morden

Best song off their new album. All about their home town.
MP3: Goodshoes- Morden
Websites: www.goodshoes.co.uk
Myspace: Goodshoes have the prettiest myspace going

Rave April 11, 2007

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Rave, originally uploaded by dirtybronson.

Wasted a whole day. Searched for wallet. Found it. Didn’t do blog post on Danananakroyd. Did listen to everything Ive ever downloaded. I’m for the first time ever up to date with what I’m downloading. I donwload a lot of crap, as a blogger. Listening for any nuggets. I treated myself to a listen of “The Holy Bible” by The Manic Street Preachers as a treat. So much for doing that physics coursework. Gonna have to do it tomorrow. Life of a procrastinator. I did some important things though like update all these tiny coded bits of webased pointlessness.




At least last last night made me feel warm and wanted inside. Could do a review of last last Saturdays Rakes gig. Worst blogger ever.

Yay Snowday! February 8, 2007

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Like many simple folk in the south of this great country, I am home today following a great sprinkling of the white stuff. The chickens don’t know how to react. Their stubby reptilian legs barely lifting their bodies above the frozen snow. People on the radio are complaining about it as they always do, while children use it properly, laughing and frolicking outside as their parents fret about hypothermia. I am a geek. So I spent the morning catching up on News Scientist magazines.

Anyway on the topic of snow, I found a band a few months ago called “Snowfight In The City Centre” and this very catchy tune. They sound like a much more happy version of The Editors, or Snowpatrol (no pun intended) with souls. Enjoy.

Download: Snowfight In The City Centre- No Light Left

Website: snowfight.net

Myspace: someones been busy sending out invites, probably the drummer

Unheard Artist: Mike Nicolai/Bah humbug Rant December 17, 2006

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what christmas does to you If any of you have been reading any blogs beyond the endless drivelly “Best Of Lists” appearing on blogs, and the furthermore blogs by bloggers blogging about another bloggers blog blogging about “Best of lists” you may have noticed bow many bands have done “fun”/”wacky”/”twee”/”indie”and uniformly crap Christmas songs. I wont even give them the pleasure of listing them off.

Its not a necessary evil, by any means. But your average sycophantic scenester who knows 3 chords rockstar, is rather wound up in that grossly perverted commercial Christmas (Like that fucking kid in Hamley’s in November)  so every back to basics; “about family and friends” just sneers pervertedly back at me. And that’s why The Pogues are still the only band to write a good song about Christmas. Rather than the often misinterpreted good Christmas song.

Thanks for letting me get that out. Its not very good for someone that’s has spent the last 5 years actively arguing against Christmas. Those who did the maths will know that means i hated Christmas by the time I was 12. I did a PowerPoint presentation on it in year 8 English. It makes sense now when I look back why I’m a despicable cynical alternative music listening human husk I am now. I’ll stop now.

Go buy some crap for some people you dont like!

and make time to make stuff for those you do! Oh wait, you have no time, your too busy polluting the atmosphere with your gaudy lights, eating things imported by plains and chopping down the rainforest’s so you can wrap up oil based gifts with disposable paper and sending out unfunny cards. Oh humbuggar.

Actually on second thoughts, The Pogues and this one.

Download: Mike Nicolai- Christmas Is For Losers

Website: mikenicolai.net

Myspace: Mike Nicolai doesn’t have enough friends to buy shit presents for

Lil’ Finds November 3, 2006

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Firstly, big news for myself, other bloggers and undiscovered artists someone has made a site that could finally compete with myspace.

Adam Stennett also caught my eye today with his amazing photo-realistic paintings of mice, in strange locations.

Also make sure you watch/record Later… With Jools as its normally well publicised return to friday night television begins tonight. BBC2 at 11:35pm to be precise.

And this was a gem I found on Youtube following the hilarious Secret Policeman’s Ball featuring Noel Fielding (Mighty Boosh, big hairdo) and Russel Brand (…. big hairdo) discussing race horses where the sun don’t shine.

Egyption Shumba October 29, 2006

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What you doing here, this isn’t even a proper post. No this is one of my ego pumping self promotion posts. Some of you may remember I went to Egypt and now I have returned. And just to prove I wasn’t lying on a sunbed like some great beached whale here is a video I made for one of my favourite songs about my favourite sport.

Broken Social Scene vs Me- Windsurfing Nation

Download: Broken Social Scene- Windsurfing Nation [highly recommended]

It took far too long to make and almost made my computer crash. I must now go and continue my search for banging tunes and so some physics and art coursework. Hooray for life.

Oh and having gone to Egypt it seems a good excuse to post this amazing classic pop song that makes The Pipettes look like Cleopatra (no pun intended).

Download: The Tammys- Egyptian Shumba [highly recommended]

Venice Review/ Hiatus Apology October 14, 2006

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Lets make this quick- I’m running a bath. Post return from the large bog islands now called Venice, I have been very busy. It took me 2 days just to unpack on top of catching up with homework, and now I have a big pile of stuff to do before Monday, so no proper blogging until then. But this pile of homework will allow me to listen through loads of music, looking for the shiniest gems in the rough dirty ore of independent music.

Venice is an awesome city by the way. Ruined only by every other tourist idiot there. The beautifil rustic city produces two of my favourite foods: whitebait and pizza. The novelty of going to work on a boat instead of on a tube could never get old, and its perpetual sinking only makes you enjoy every single moment.

One particularly favourite moment was when we went to a church with a apparently fantastic interior, only to find it in the middle of service (surprising it being a Sunday). So we spent an hour listening to an crazy skilled acoustic guitarist, people talking, the canal lapping to one side of the very clean square and just drew stuff. It really is beautiful. Cafe culture is a whole different league to the Starbucks next to a Borders reading a book thing we have. Its like the bespectacled asthmatic brother compared to the Chic and suave older Venician cafe brother. In the UK you can watch human detritus float past with the soundtrack of a capitalist shopping centre. Venice; gondolas, old ladies with tiny dogs and just generally beautiful people. I’ll stop now both Lord Byron and Charles Dickens have described Venice better.

Lord Byron: I stood in Venice, on the Bridge of Sighs; A palace and a prison on each hand; I saw from out the wave of her structure’s rise As from the stroke of the enchanter’s wand: A thousand years their cloudy wings expand Around me, and a dying Glory smiles O’er the far times, when many a subject land Look’d to the winged Lion’s marble pines, Where Venice sate in state, throned on her hundred isles.

This is completely unrelated.

Subpop are doing well for themselves. The songs been around a while, and I didn’t really like it, but now and with the video; worth a look.

Download: Oxford Collapse- Please Visit Your National Parks

Looking back September 11, 2006

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Not being an American I found today a bit of a non-event. But it has definitely left a scar. So if you want to read anything about the emotions of people I cannot insist enough that you read Robs post on his website demonbaby.com.

Read it here

If that feels you feeling a bit depressed; Charlie Brooker may cheer you up a little bit. But The Guardian  haven’t uploaded the story. Sorry about that.