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Cultural Fascism March 2, 2007

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cultural fascism

“People resent the destruction of culture and its replacement with these mass-produced corporate logos and slogans. It represents a kind of cultural fascism.”-Trim Bissell

And that was the start. I read No Logo by Naomi Klein last autumn and in it I found this quote. I knew it would be useful so i copied it down. And it was, essentially pulling me from my Art essay pretentiously called “The Art Of Manipulation” into looking at the difference between advertising and propaganda. My mind was then warped by this essay (which I now can’t find) into believing they are one of the same thing. Except one was demonized while the other was praised as capitalism’s saviour.

Thus when I discovered this project by the Anti Advertising Agency and the inventor of throwies Graffiti Research Labs my idea was resolute (the Ratatat probably got the creative juices flowing). The television pictured here plays a video of my brother watching television only lit by its occasionally blinking stare. I put the camera in front of the screen so it looks like he is staring back out at us, from behind the stencil that as as a screen between us and him, blocking televisions message and replacing it with my own. Its like interior culture jamming.

Anyway enough of that crap.


Label: None

Genre: Indie/Powerpop

Another great catch by Obscuresound.com these crazy kids are from Oxford and sound like a female fronted Violent Femmes or Giant Drag if they grew up in a satellite town. Anyway this songs infectious. I walked home to this song in the rain smiling like a loon once. Probably looked like a crazy lunatic. Anyway, notice the connection…

Download: Foxes!- Art Girl [highly recommended]

Notice it?

Website: www.sunnyblue.net/foxes Possibly the worst website ever. Merely a jesty Frontpage monster that just sits there. Slowly making you wanna throw up. A bit like the NME awards.

Myspace: Are doing quite well, but could do better with friends


Egyption Shumba October 29, 2006

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What you doing here, this isn’t even a proper post. No this is one of my ego pumping self promotion posts. Some of you may remember I went to Egypt and now I have returned. And just to prove I wasn’t lying on a sunbed like some great beached whale here is a video I made for one of my favourite songs about my favourite sport.

Broken Social Scene vs Me- Windsurfing Nation

Download: Broken Social Scene- Windsurfing Nation [highly recommended]

It took far too long to make and almost made my computer crash. I must now go and continue my search for banging tunes and so some physics and art coursework. Hooray for life.

Oh and having gone to Egypt it seems a good excuse to post this amazing classic pop song that makes The Pipettes look like Cleopatra (no pun intended).

Download: The Tammys- Egyptian Shumba [highly recommended]

Rough theme= kinda rocky bits September 24, 2006

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Sometimes you just get really fed up with listening to gay indie crap and The Scissor Sisters and just have an urge to turn up your amp. Headband and generally annoy your sister across the hall. That’s why I bring you Sunday NightLoud Stuff. Possible feature? Anyway “TURN THAT RACKET DOWN!!!”

I’ve talked about these guys in previous posts. And possibly via the wonderful narcissistic stalker tool technorati. The guitarist Jon got in contact with me, and having thanked me for the nice comments sent me a new track that is proper new and exclusive (won’t be released as a single until next year due to label changes I believe) and his full recommendation to spread it with you lovely people.

Luckily for me this may actually be the best song I’ve heard or month. If not all year. Its very “Bends” era Radiohead/More poppy Sonic Youth. Really brilliant “CHECK IT”.

Download: LED!- Ladders [highly recommended]

Have been featured on Idolator, this power-pop/garage threesome captured my ears with this upbeat (if depressingly themed) catchy tune. If you like, think NY hipster version of The Knack.

Download: The Figgs- Don’t Hurt Me Again

As a cultured music fan i enjoy sampling music from many different parts of the world and of many genres. And one of the smaller niche genres I enjoy is Japanese surf rock. There is probably a long interesting story as to why the genre sprung up on an island that is renowned for high cliffs rather than beaches, and i should probably read into it. But for the purposes of this i will avoid.

Just to inflate my intellectual ego; I am also a fan of a the very underground genre of music known as classical. Normally restrained to the underground pirate stations like Classical FM it struggles to find an audience with an modern exuberant young person today. This is why I why i was very happy when i found this. Surf rock master Takeshi has moulded the two favorites doing surf rock versions of some well known classics.

There all pretty bloody great bar “Flight of the Bumble Bee” which despite being an obvious choice became an desperate let down.

I won’t stick them up myself when they already have been.

Don’t rock fans their name is ironic. Although normally ironism is something to be avoided in the modern rock arena we can let them off as they are from Australia. The home of hard rock like Jet and Wolfmother (Sorry, sarcastic tendencies). Either way pointed out by Obscuresound and Ear Drums Shall Fail I couldn’t but helping taking a note. Try them if like The Raconteurs or any of the bands that Jack White and co. rip off.

Download: The Silent- Little People

You can get more stuff on the excellent aforementioned blogs.

Always harped on by DrownedinSound.com they garnered quite the fan club. Either way myself and Derek from Goodweatherforairstrikes have been needing to write about these awesome guys since forever. Luckily for me he rights about the guys so eloquently attempting to compete would be fruitless. If you enjoy feedback, Sonic Youth, Godspeed You Black Emperor! or any guitar music that is mind blowing and a bit different from the general pub indie rock nonsense plugged endlessly on Radio1 then….

Download: 65 Days Of A Static- Retreat! Retreat! [highly recommended]

On a sidenote. I spend 20minutes listening to show on Radio6 going on about Nirvana and how “Nevermind” cause an explosion in teenagers picking up guitars and giving grunge a crack blah blah blah. Either way I stuck a microphone normally reserved for MSN use on a pile of Univirsity prospectuses and Guides next to my mike and made a lot of improvised noise in one take. 

Download: FUCKING ME!!!- Some impro crap that fell out my arse on a Sunday Night

Come back tomorrow when I do the same thing without mistakes, a much better solo, half as long with some dodgy free drum-machine! 

Yeah I know the spread of easy recording to the masses is creating an overwhelming amount of crap in an already shoddily designed discontented modern world . This is an experiment though 🙂