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Gone to Africa July 30, 2007

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Enjoy the sun as it finally came out. Great timing. Knowing my luck we will probably have monsoons in Kenya.


links for 2007-07-21 July 21, 2007

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Emily Haines and The Soft Skeleton July 20, 2007

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This is another track I’ve managed to sit on for a while. It’s been out a while in other parts of the world. But I’m sure it only saw a UK release through DiS Records a few months again. But as much as I loved it initially, exams and life mean’t it completely left my mind. Luckily I rediscovered the tab. Jogging my memory I’m posting it for you.

Genre: Indie pop

Label: Drowned in Sound Records

Emily Haines- Dr.Blind

So gorgous, I hope you agree. Honestly that could go for , Emily or the song itself. Anyone with me on her looking like the missing link between Winona Ryder and Kiera Knightly? Eitherway, ace melody, ace lyrics, ace singing. All in all pretty ace. I’ll learn to describe songs in the future.

MP3: Emily Haines- Dr Blind [highly recommended]

MP3: Metric- Dr Blind [happy version]

Myspace: Emily isn’t the most popular girl, but she is certainly not being bullied

Website: www.emilyhaines.com

Australian White Stripes Parody July 19, 2007

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I never really saw any coverage of this last year. But I signed up to The Chasers video podcast feed after watching a couple of their videos on youtube (well they did’nt put them on but..) I signed up. Anyway since the series finsished, they’ve been posting up repeats and this week this was in it.

The Chasers

Between this and Hamish and Andy’s Podcast, I’m an expert on a Australian pop culture.

MP3: The White Stripes- Hotel Yorba

links for 2007-07-18 July 18, 2007

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NuGrunge is dead, long live Grunge July 18, 2007

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Anyone remember Giant Drag, they where one of the more charasmatic bands that I saw last year at Reading when you could actually get Saturday tickets without them being stolen by rich middle class toffs with nothing better to do than tout tickets out of their ebay shop based in their Eton common rooms between extra Latin and lacrosse practise. Anyway I don’t know what triggered it. But I suddenly dug up their debut album and listened to that instead of the never ending playlist of mp3’s and podcasts. Its friggin boss. Some of their video’s are slightly pretentously retro but no ones perfect. Plus having one of the best gimmicks of the 00’s (remember the drummer played synth) fuzzed up by a rekindled love for the band i checked their website (more correctly her, Annie broke up with mike the multi talented drummer) and found she was in the studio and performing live again. So i thought i would celebrate by stealing her music and uploading it to the web. Here’s a catchup for the misinformed (you may been distracted by Muses epic Black Holes and Revalations coming out).

‘Kevin is Gay’ by Giant Drag

Pretensciously retro? Check. Adorable meow meow meow outro? Check. Catchy as Pamela Andersons Hepatitus C riff? Double check.

MP3: Giant Drag-Kevin is Gay [highly recommended] http://www.fileden.com/files/2006/7/17/134936/01%20Kevin%20is%20gay.mp3

Giant Drag – This Isn’t It

MP3: Giant Drag- This Isn’t It [highly recommended]

Anyway if you want to form a nugrunge band all credit to you. You can find great tabs for these songs here. Also if you into reading band blogs. Annie’s is actually fairly chuckle inducing, check it.

Bonus MP3:Giant Dr MyDick Suxhttp://www.fileden.com/files/2006/7/17/134936/10%20My%20dick%20sux.mp3ag-

Buy Their album? Go for it.

Myspace: Giant Drag have quite a few friends

Website: www.giantdrag.com

Oh and old grunge?

Dinosaur Jr on the Late Show 04.30.2007

I actually love this song so much. That opening riff is pretty much perfection, and takes me back to a time when I thought very little. It’s actually probably my favourite song of the year so far.

MP3: Dinosaur Jr- Almost Ready [highly highly recommended]

Buy their new album and tell me how it is

Myspace: Are more popular than Giant Drag, and didn’t invite them to their do

Website: www.dinosaurjr.com

Youtube Link Dump July 13, 2007

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Hello, how are you? Enjoying your summer? I’m not when I’m not procrastinating or sleeping I’m slaving away in a variety of odd jobs to fund my expensive consumer habits. Actually I’m lieing. I managed to snag a very enjoyable photography job via my Saturday job. I can work from home when I want while my mates toil away- working for “the man”. Being a till monkey or answering phones. Anyways here are some of the results of my endless procrastination (not during business hours).

Justin’s Tour vBlog 2 – Live Earth Gig (Hamburg)

If your learning to play guitar, and you not using a real human one. This guy is a great replacement. He actually justifies the existence of Katie Melua, being her tour and session guitarist. Here’s some insane footage from a stage perspective, and also revealing the very unethical travelling induced by the hypocritical but still enjoyable Live Earth. How good where Foo Fighters! ZOMG!

Uncut – “Darkhorse”

I get sent loads of shit by trendy, down with the kids PR companies and most of it is dire ignorable tripe but this is the dog nuts. This shows CSS how to make animated videos (Alcohols video was crappy), whilst also being a fairly palpable modern, angry, pop, punk, punk, alternative indie rock do-dah.

I swear I had more stuff than this. I do try and note stuff. As in leve it in my firefox tabs, which get promptly lost when other people switch off my computer, or when Firefox crashes and burns. Sorry to let you down. My bad. I guess you guys have pretty low expectations of this poorly formatted, badly written, irregularly updated blog.

Hoorah I’m Back July 9, 2007

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Hello, I’m back. I’ve got a lot to post, so lets begin with something great. I initially noted its quality via Headphonesex who was sent the mp3. But now its a single and had a trippy video commissioned, which was featured on B3TA. Will it be the same kiss of luck that Lily Allen had with “LDN”?

Franki Valli (Pilloski Re-edit)- Beggin’

MP3:Franki Valli (Pilloski Re-edit)- Beggin’ [highly recommended]

Possible late Summer Jam? Maybe. But its bloody great. Note the finger clicks. The handclaps of 2007.

So yes, nice to be back. I may be wreaking havoc on this site, changing to servers, new template and the likeness. But for now enjoy my crummy little fluorescent stars I found in the village shop during my exams.

EDIT: Heard this song on Capital FM. Strange place for it to end up but great none the less.