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About Dirtybronson

What is a Dirtybronson?
Dirtybronson is defined by urbandictionary as verb: To poop in tube sock and then repeatedly beat someone with it.

Why is it Dirtybronson?
I love slang and new words. And just liked the idiocy and nastiness of smacking someone in the face with a shit filled sock. So when I made this blog, I remembered the word and attempted to do the equivalent with the mighty power of blog. Also its memorable and the domain was free, no clever missing vowels for me.

Who is Dirtybronson?
Dirtybronson is the product of mediajunkie Alex D who often pisses about on the Internet under the moniker pebble_rebel.

Where is Dirtybronson?
I live in leafy Buckinghamhire which is a convenient train ride away from the general poverty and scum that reside in London.
Why did you start it?
I’ve been a massive fan of fun independent music blogs for a while. Especially those are bold enough to defie the RIAA and spread music in favour of small music artists around the world. But nearly all these blogs are based in America; this obviously means that they miss out on a lot the burgeoning British music scene and increase in the popularity of independent music going on here.

This often leaves many people in the UK relying on NME. Which is has largely become an “OK magazine” for the MTV2 world of sycophantic hipsters and indiekids, for the discovery of new music. Many have noted NME tendency to cover anyone with the right haircut walking within 3 feet of guitar. By the laws nature, if you dig up 1000 tonnes of ore you’ll find a gram of gold.

So being anarchic (rahh!) and and thinking it could be done better, I did. And that’s why this abomination is here.



1. Daddy - June 21, 2006


2. lucy - June 26, 2006

why is there a tiny smiley face at the very bottom of the page?

3. Perks - July 11, 2006

All the best blogs have links to bodily waste!

4. SilverThorn - August 14, 2006

the riaa has no business in our personal lives. we buy the music, should we not do as we want with it? I pay US$20 for your fucking cd, and you still tell me what to do? bullshit. I don’t download music because of concern for viruses and shit – it happened to my sister on a number of occasions – but if i can, i’d rather get it on the cheap or for free. which is why i am anti-microsoft also.

5. rxmx_queen - September 26, 2006

how old is this kid?

6. alexd - September 26, 2006

What the angry kid above?

7. moose - October 19, 2006

heybo what the hell r u on?

8. Colleen - October 31, 2006

Haha; “The MTV2 world of sycophantic hipsters and indiekids” …Amen to that. And I love the name Dirtybronson.. Can’t go wrong with shit filled tube socks. :]

9. your brother - March 16, 2009

i found a new band i think you may like “hot club de paris” just want to tell you about them becuase you might like them. and also if you have never heard of them it would mean i am cooler than you

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