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Top 10 Scariest Popular Music Videos October 31, 2006

Posted by alexd in Pop, Video.

I know this is the musical blogging equivalent of cashing in, but I’m ill and procrastinating. Especially as Halloween is my least favourite celebration, just a poor American excuse to sell themed crap. I’m all for Guy Fawkes though, can never burn enough effigies of the pope.

Obviously I was gonna do top 10 scariest music videos, but then realised a loads of goths and metal fans would get very prissy about the fact that Hobgoblin Rapers ’96 video for “Motherfucking Jesus Burners” isn’t in here.

10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Y Control

Ghostly children, dead dogs, baby vampires, axe hand cutting and gutting

9. Cansei Der Se Sexy- Alala

You may be cynical, this having only come out in the last few weeks, but you can’t tell me that stop motion grievous bodily harm isn’t at least imaginative. plus it has a scary cat. A CAT!

8. The Prodigy- Breathe

Dramatic cutting, crocodiles, cockroaches and just Keith Flints and Maxim’s highly aggressive appearance. One that always made me change channel when i was about 10.

7. Robbie Williams- Rock DJ

Only now through a few years of growing up and being desensitised by our senseless immoral media can I now watch this video. And still through gritted teeth. Plus the ending is fucking gross.

6. Metric- Monster Hospital

I was really happy when I saw that one of my favourite songs of the year was kitted up with a fitting video, aptly including the mental descent of Emily instigated by her own album. Bonus points of the film noir nods and Sin City influenced grading.

5. Michael Jackson- Thriller

Controversial? Points lost for the now slightly shit looking special effects. But again one that I would struggle to sit through in the midst of my sheltered youth.

4. Madonna- Bedtime story

The song often sighted as the one that retrieved her from the brink with the assistance of Bjork and displayed in several art galleries. I still find this decidedly creepy. Especially that face at the end. Twisted.

3. Nirvana- Heart Shaped Box

I can’t put my finger on whats off putting in this song. Is it the emaciated and crucified Father Christmas? The KKK little girl? The bizarre Frankenstein-like obese monster?

2. NIN- Closer

Apparently a sexy song, I frankly find this unsettling in my very core, really sickly at times.

1. Aphex twin- Come to Daddy

This was always going to be my number one. Mutated monsters, man faced children and a nice repeated message of “I want to eat your soul”. This is Chris Cunningham being practically polite compared to his Rubber Johnny outing. Even Jake and Dinos Chapman would struggle to be this perverse.

Honourable mentions include Manic Street Preachers- “She is Suffering”, Blurs- “The Universal” and The White Stripes, Michael Gondry peice of genius, “Dead Leaves Fall On The Ground”. Until next time. Sleep tight, dont’ let the bed bugs bite.


Egyption Shumba October 29, 2006

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What you doing here, this isn’t even a proper post. No this is one of my ego pumping self promotion posts. Some of you may remember I went to Egypt and now I have returned. And just to prove I wasn’t lying on a sunbed like some great beached whale here is a video I made for one of my favourite songs about my favourite sport.

Broken Social Scene vs Me- Windsurfing Nation

Download: Broken Social Scene- Windsurfing Nation [highly recommended]

It took far too long to make and almost made my computer crash. I must now go and continue my search for banging tunes and so some physics and art coursework. Hooray for life.

Oh and having gone to Egypt it seems a good excuse to post this amazing classic pop song that makes The Pipettes look like Cleopatra (no pun intended).

Download: The Tammys- Egyptian Shumba [highly recommended]

Go Go Ninja Dinosaur October 18, 2006

Posted by alexd in Covers, Music, Pop.

Hello, I feel really bad for not posting up any cool new bands. I’ve just had loads to process and loads of work as my school and I head uncontrollably into a half term.  Don’t expect any posting until next Friday at least, as I’ll be in Egypt, hopefully windsurfing.

Anyway before I go I want to leave you with something. Do you remember when I posted about “The Colours Are Brighter” the charity album done by indie pops top numbers. Well now its been released. It all sounds great, and my nephew will hopefully grow into an alternative music fan because. Remember its all for charity so hooray etc. And you can download this song guilt free as its on their website.

Download: Go Go Ninja Dinosaur- The Four Tet [highly recommended]

You can sample a few more tracks on their myspace.

Venice Review/ Hiatus Apology October 14, 2006

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Lets make this quick- I’m running a bath. Post return from the large bog islands now called Venice, I have been very busy. It took me 2 days just to unpack on top of catching up with homework, and now I have a big pile of stuff to do before Monday, so no proper blogging until then. But this pile of homework will allow me to listen through loads of music, looking for the shiniest gems in the rough dirty ore of independent music.

Venice is an awesome city by the way. Ruined only by every other tourist idiot there. The beautifil rustic city produces two of my favourite foods: whitebait and pizza. The novelty of going to work on a boat instead of on a tube could never get old, and its perpetual sinking only makes you enjoy every single moment.

One particularly favourite moment was when we went to a church with a apparently fantastic interior, only to find it in the middle of service (surprising it being a Sunday). So we spent an hour listening to an crazy skilled acoustic guitarist, people talking, the canal lapping to one side of the very clean square and just drew stuff. It really is beautiful. Cafe culture is a whole different league to the Starbucks next to a Borders reading a book thing we have. Its like the bespectacled asthmatic brother compared to the Chic and suave older Venician cafe brother. In the UK you can watch human detritus float past with the soundtrack of a capitalist shopping centre. Venice; gondolas, old ladies with tiny dogs and just generally beautiful people. I’ll stop now both Lord Byron and Charles Dickens have described Venice better.

Lord Byron: I stood in Venice, on the Bridge of Sighs; A palace and a prison on each hand; I saw from out the wave of her structure’s rise As from the stroke of the enchanter’s wand: A thousand years their cloudy wings expand Around me, and a dying Glory smiles O’er the far times, when many a subject land Look’d to the winged Lion’s marble pines, Where Venice sate in state, throned on her hundred isles.

This is completely unrelated.

Subpop are doing well for themselves. The songs been around a while, and I didn’t really like it, but now and with the video; worth a look.

Download: Oxford Collapse- Please Visit Your National Parks

Tiger Force October 3, 2006

Posted by alexd in Been round a while but I hadn't heard of until recently, Music, Video.

Now if you found the other two bands a bit boring this might be the lot for you. Another wonderful find by dreamsofhorses.

These guys apparently make nofi grunge music, which is nice. Us lots who don’t’s live in North London will have to just understand that they make punk music with a drum machine, and have a nasally singer guitarist and a screamy female guitarist. They appear to have a fashion for cardboard, marker pens and tapes. Enjoy.

Tigerforce-  Go Back To You Glass House
More info

In other news don’t expect much for half a week as I shall be in Venice on a poncy art trip.

The Race October 3, 2006

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Practically a local band to me; hailing from Reading, Berkshire. The Race are an unoriginally titled 5 piece alternative indie rock outfit preparing to rock your world. Come back! I know i know another indie rock band Ive posted about in a week. But this is really good stuff. Think the Editors if they had grown up on U2 instead of techno (others have described them as The Arcade Fire covering Supergrass. I can tell that I am not really persuading you am I. I’ll let the music do the talking.

Download: The Race- Findout


The Race- When It Fails 

Visite: Their website to see how much everyone on the planet likes them without telling you

Middle Distance Runner October 3, 2006

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Another band I found on Musicforkidswhocan’treadgood.

Although not necessarily a new band, having formed in 1998. Middle Distance Runner are a band from Washington who say their influences are:

Wilco, Radiohead, Blur, Iron and Wine, The Beatles, Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire, Oasis, Super Furry Animals, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Sigur Ros

That’s a lot of very good bands to be influenced by, and they do not let down their “influencers” down either. They sound like (Fields x Manic Street Preachers /Coldplay) – United Kindgom + United States. And the song below will blow your mind at least.

Download: Middle Distance Runner- That’s a lie [highly recommended]

Visit:  Their gorgeous website

Quick Dump October 3, 2006

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Now performing at the Hammersmith Apollo.

A few more tasters of his awesome album out today.

Left me wanting more Live in a bad way at Reading, see what you think.

…. Off key.

People decidedly not going out with a band.

They have great taste. Shame The Macabees video is so much better than their music.
Also the Digital Music Awards are tonight at the Camden Roundhouse. Ironically no one on the internet has posted about it…. well apart from to beg for votes.

    The Oohlas October 1, 2006

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    Originally brought to my attention by friend of the bands rob from my favourite blog demonbaby. The Oohlas are a 3 piece band from the US that make pixieesque fuzzy powerpop songs. It’s all lovely fun stuff that cleverly runs the between the line of of bubblegum pop and fuzzed out, distorted art student sideprojects. They apparently have a lead guitarist, who was a drummer in an enormous band in America (called Everclear) us Brits haven’t heard of, before joining this new musical adventure.


    Download: The Oohlas- TV Dinners

    The Oohlas- Small Parts

    Poursuivre: There fab album “Non Stop Pop”

    Anni Rossi October 1, 2006

    Posted by alexd in Music, Unheard Artist.

    Get this girl a mobile phone ad now! One man (or lady) folk is all the rage when advertising communication devices. Annir Rossi you see is a viola playing hipster. She describes her self as a “classical kid, gone viola pop “. Her obscure quirky charm is only aided by her slightly croaky fragile yelp. Musicforkidswhocan’treadgood compared her to Joanna Newsome, which I can go along with up until the point where Joanna Newsome is actually a bit shit.

    Your either gonna hate this or love it , so you might as well give it a try. If you can’t stand Thom Yorks tone at his most delicate, just move on, otherwise.

    Find out more here

    Download: Anni Rossi- Creep (Radiohead cover) [highly recommended]

    Anni Rossi- Machine

    p.s- She doesn’t have down syndrome