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Video Post Super Thing March 2, 2008

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I’m back finally. I’m still not out of this patch. If anything I slid quickly from one patch into another. This better be quick. I’ve got to clean the house for my mother.

The New Pornographers- Myriad Harbour

I kind of missed out on the new album, I remember this one being great, and now it has a very graphic video that will please anyone with a fetish for adobe products.

The Mystery Jets- Young Love

I still have mixed feelings about the Mystery Jets and the penchant for pretentious jazzy pop, but this new single is so lush thanks possibly to a production from the amazing Erol Akan and the fact they stop roping in the singers Dad. A really cute song.

Foals- Cassius

Similarly to the Mystery Jets I never particularly like Foals or their music (with the exception of Mathletics), but this single might have turned it on its head. Its clever and supercatchy. Regarde

Kevin Drew- Lucky Ones

If you’ve spent anytime on this website you’ll know that I love Kevin Drew and everything Canada craps out. Thus I went all giddy with the rapturous joy that fills this clip of Kevin Drew handing out tequila while some random old guy joins him on stage.

Spoon (Britt Daniels)- I Summon You (black cab session)

I mean’t to post some stuff that has been sliding out of the black cab subscription I have on youtube, but failed to ever get round it. But after enjoying a Spoon gig last Monday I saw it fit to post this. Surf over to black cabs channels to enjoy some poetry from a very angry black man, I lost it but its there.

Jeffrey Lewis- Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror

I brought Jeffreys latest album on the strength of this song. It wasn’t on it, but I am now a massive fan of this gentlemen. Certified genius, and this is his best song of my little knowledge of him.


Merry Christmas December 25, 2007

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Same time next year then?

Super Video Fun Time!!11!! December 16, 2007

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Is an anticlimax.

With only three proper videos.

British Sea Power

Genre: Alternative Rock/Indie

Label: Rough Trade Records

British Sea Power- Waving Flags

This video is as mysterious as Yans face. Hot or not? He’s like a male Lily Allen.

Actually I found this while getting that video.

British Sea Power- Atom [fan video]

Fantastic and actually makes more sense than BSP’s own video. I think a lot can be said for a record that makes a toddler want to run around endlessly in a circle. Namely that its good enough to download.

[MP3] British Sea Power- Atom [highly recommended]

Ooh looky a video released a few weeks ago that no one noticed. I claim this as a premier!

British Sea Power- Water Tower

That’s off the Krakenhaus? EP that I’m still waiting for! Bloody post! Good mind.

Why don’t you buy the EP from a reputable company, allowing the band to buy some more foliage.

Myspace: Massive cult band. Thus actually tiny

Website: www.britishseapower.co.uk

Los Campesinos

Genre: Alternative/Indie/Pop

Label: Wichita Recordings

Many have argued for this to be the greatest video of the year. Its difficult to spot a flaw in their case. Kittens, confetti, multicolour throwup?

Los Campesinos- Death to Los Campesinos

Others hate it though. Stereogum fans went a bit ape poopy and got all moody as they hadn’t had dose of LCD Soundsystem that day. Its a bit early for a backlash; they’ve only played a few gigs over the pond. Browsing their blog a I found a fairly entertaining blog mainly updated by the lovely bassist and the fit ginger one.

Previously. They where also great at ULU a yonk ago, now buy their excellent EP so the band can afford a new xylophone.
[MP3] Los Campesinos- Death to Los Campesinos

Myspace: Actually as popular as British Sea Power despite having existed for 10 mins

Website: www.loscampesinos.com

Members of the Public

Genre: Pop

Label: Shifty Disco

Members of the Public- Magic Ingredient

Not bad, but they’re best song is Extraordinary pleasures. Which is actually quite new, off their unreleased album. I would do an MP3 rip off myspace but audacity has borked. So your gonna have to go through the strenuous process of clicking a big link.

You can help them buy more sunglasses by buying the single. Capitalism is fun.

Myspace: They’re myspace is quite broken and a horrible green

Website: www.membersofthepublic.net

P.S I know I promised Johnny Foreigner and Stricken City, but I finish college on Monday and I won’t have a fire breathing monster down my neck.

Youtube Link Dump July 13, 2007

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Hello, how are you? Enjoying your summer? I’m not when I’m not procrastinating or sleeping I’m slaving away in a variety of odd jobs to fund my expensive consumer habits. Actually I’m lieing. I managed to snag a very enjoyable photography job via my Saturday job. I can work from home when I want while my mates toil away- working for “the man”. Being a till monkey or answering phones. Anyways here are some of the results of my endless procrastination (not during business hours).

Justin’s Tour vBlog 2 – Live Earth Gig (Hamburg)

If your learning to play guitar, and you not using a real human one. This guy is a great replacement. He actually justifies the existence of Katie Melua, being her tour and session guitarist. Here’s some insane footage from a stage perspective, and also revealing the very unethical travelling induced by the hypocritical but still enjoyable Live Earth. How good where Foo Fighters! ZOMG!

Uncut – “Darkhorse”

I get sent loads of shit by trendy, down with the kids PR companies and most of it is dire ignorable tripe but this is the dog nuts. This shows CSS how to make animated videos (Alcohols video was crappy), whilst also being a fairly palpable modern, angry, pop, punk, punk, alternative indie rock do-dah.

I swear I had more stuff than this. I do try and note stuff. As in leve it in my firefox tabs, which get promptly lost when other people switch off my computer, or when Firefox crashes and burns. Sorry to let you down. My bad. I guess you guys have pretty low expectations of this poorly formatted, badly written, irregularly updated blog.

Cultural Fascism March 2, 2007

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cultural fascism

“People resent the destruction of culture and its replacement with these mass-produced corporate logos and slogans. It represents a kind of cultural fascism.”-Trim Bissell

And that was the start. I read No Logo by Naomi Klein last autumn and in it I found this quote. I knew it would be useful so i copied it down. And it was, essentially pulling me from my Art essay pretentiously called “The Art Of Manipulation” into looking at the difference between advertising and propaganda. My mind was then warped by this essay (which I now can’t find) into believing they are one of the same thing. Except one was demonized while the other was praised as capitalism’s saviour.

Thus when I discovered this project by the Anti Advertising Agency and the inventor of throwies Graffiti Research Labs my idea was resolute (the Ratatat probably got the creative juices flowing). The television pictured here plays a video of my brother watching television only lit by its occasionally blinking stare. I put the camera in front of the screen so it looks like he is staring back out at us, from behind the stencil that as as a screen between us and him, blocking televisions message and replacing it with my own. Its like interior culture jamming.

Anyway enough of that crap.


Label: None

Genre: Indie/Powerpop

Another great catch by Obscuresound.com these crazy kids are from Oxford and sound like a female fronted Violent Femmes or Giant Drag if they grew up in a satellite town. Anyway this songs infectious. I walked home to this song in the rain smiling like a loon once. Probably looked like a crazy lunatic. Anyway, notice the connection…

Download: Foxes!- Art Girl [highly recommended]

Notice it?

Website: www.sunnyblue.net/foxes Possibly the worst website ever. Merely a jesty Frontpage monster that just sits there. Slowly making you wanna throw up. A bit like the NME awards.

Myspace: Are doing quite well, but could do better with friends

Buzzband: Prototypes February 12, 2007

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PrototypesGenre: Electro/Pop

Label: MusicMachine/Boxson/Minty Fresh


Ipod Shuffle Ad- The Prototypes- Who’s Gonna Sing?

I’m not just taking my cues from Apple’s all conquering advertising machine though. In fact I only took notice following Dreams of Horses post on their free EP. The song on the advert didn’t even catch my attention. Apple use a cool song, that’s about as common place now as Jamie Oliver’s great pie face leaping onto the screen with every Sainsbury’s ad exclaiming that i should try something new (llama flavoured toothpaste?). That EP sadly isn’t up officially any more, as per usual I’m a very slow/crap blogger. More like a conservative OAP, than the average knee jerk hipster who lets crap spill out their anus into thousands of blogs day after day.

Anyway, the EP is uniformly excellent. The band will remind many of CSS, with the combination of half-spoken, half-sung delivery, the fuzzy bass and tinny guitars with overlayed keyboard bleeps and bloops. This is definitely not a bad thing. You can dance to it, but expect a lot of remixes by Justice, Simian Mobile Disco, MSTKRFT or any of that bunch of sad bearded pro-tools DJ freaks that now haunt so many mp3 blogs via some horrible butchering remixification of some “indie classic”. But the great thing about this band is their resilience to using English. There is nothing worse than foreign bands ruining perfectly good music with piss poor linguistics. Swedish bands get immunity. They are also not American! I look forward to them vetoing some gigs in the future.

I’ll shut up now.

P.S. Lots of other bloggers hate them. Maybe they have Zunes?

P.S.S This post is not to be confused with The Prototypes who are just a bad amalgamation of everything wrong about British (London particularly) music scen. K-K-K-K Kaleidoscope!

Download:Prototypes- Je Ne Te Connais Pas [highly recommended]

Download:Prototypes- Exister

Download:Prototyped- Un Gars Fragile

Download:Prototypes- Décider

Download:Prototypes- Boxe [bit shit]

Website: dans francais- prototypesonline.artistes.universalmusic.fr

Myspace: Should have more friends, The Caesers do, and they’re crap

Unrelated reading that will make you a better person: this

Silversun anti-backlash-campaign continues and Arcade Fire news December 8, 2006

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Apparently I’m not the only person who struggled to get tickets to see The Arcade Fire in some tiny churches around London. In fact just too some probable dubious behaviour (makes me think about removing that link to the right) from See tickets employees, many found that tickets had sold out before they went on sale. According to “toohot”:

“How can tickets sell out before the gig? It’s all those f**king wankers from the ticket outlets flogging them to either their mates or on ebay. It’s happening, trust. Sure, it must be a perk of the job but it takes the piss.”

While maximusharasius says:

“I phoned up see tickets and got through at 8.58am and all the dates were sold out so they sold out before they went on sale can anyone from see tickets explain that?”

Luckily The Arcade Fire are lovely people and have agreed to sell some tickets. Fucking touts.

here more from THE rag

Website: arcadefire.com

Myspace: The ArcadeFire have more friends than they can invite to a birthday party

And the antibacklash campaign. Just this…

 Silversun Pickups- Lazy Eye (David Lettermen show)

Tell me they’re not one of the best bands like ever.

Link Dump December 7, 2006

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  • MCR Christmas song– Wouldn’t mind a head between this and The Killers one. It’s honestly not that bad. Maybe its because I hate christmas, so a band I hate doing a festive song some how justifies my emotion on a deeper level. Meh.. catchy cover.
  • Oohlas Christmas song– Gets earlier and earlier every year doesn’t it. But some people like this cack.

Premptive-Anti-Silversun Pickups-Backlash-Campaign December 7, 2006

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silversun pickupsThere not Canadian, they have a song a VW advert, and everyone loves them. It’s inevitable, but I won’t be alone in slipping this into any “favourite album of the year” lists that will be popping up like spots on a teenagers face in the coming weeks. I tipped you off about this LA indie/grunge foursome last week or 2. A possible instigator of this backlash, may be their next single. You can just hear pitchfork sharpening their knives after ripping a hole in the album like some old sail. Its not meant for you! Everything is not meant for your too cool for school leanings, go back to your room and listen to your Decemberist album for the 10,000th time and cry yourself to sleep because when you go to parties they never play any good music.

To paraphrase musicforants.com:

“The explosion of sound that occurs at 2:46 here is one of the best moments in a 2006 song. It’s even better live with the band extending the final guitar part for minutes beyond what the studio version gives you.”

And since we are hardcore here, below is the album version of the video. Enjoy!

Silversun Pickups- Lazy Eye

And since it looks like it wont be released anytime in the uk soon.

Download: Silversun Pickups- Lazy Eye [highly recommended]

Also because your cool scenestar.net notes:

“Oh, and btw

he may kill me…

..however, my cousin Hank May is the star of the latest Silversun Pickups video for the song “Lazy Eye.” My heart swelled with pride when I saw him. By far, this is the raddest thing to happen in my family. We have all watched this roughly a million times in the past week.

Here’s a link to the video:


He’s the one who a) is male and b) comes in midway through, with a leather jacket slung over his shoulder. He is also a brilliant songwriter.”

Website: silversunpickups.com

Myspace: silversun pickups don’t need anymore friends

P.S. I’m really sad and I’ve transcribed “Well Thought Out Twinkles”, expect to find that on ultimate guitar in the distant future on my current record.

Midweek linkdump November 23, 2006

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Just some links you may be interested in: