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Buzzband: Pterodactyl September 9, 2007

Posted by alexd in Buzz band, Music, Punk, Unheard Artist, Video.
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A little break in our laid back tunes and instead a barrage of noise to remind its Sunday and Jesus loves you!

Pterodactyl- Polio

I think for a self directed music video by a punk band, the tale of this runaway wheel is pretty cute! (probably don’t wanna hang around on that youtube related to channel though). But the track (found on the ever amazing TuneaDay by pete) really is super awesome. Frantic drumming permeates the whole song, while a tremolo guitar line prevents the song getting too bogged down in overused 5th chords like most punk bands. The bassists apparently pounds out one single note while a mental singer shrieks “woo hee hoo” in falsetto. Polio should not work in anyway, but it does so so well. It turns out sounding like Be Your Own PET! have stolen Battles and glued their feet to the floor as the walls close in around them like in indie Indiana Jones (the old kind not the new one that gonna be horrible).
Vice say it much better though:-

“It’s like Deerhoof without an epileptic Japanese pygmy vocalist and with more scuzz. I know that it sounds like it wouldn’t work but this is great to put on when you’re in a bad mood and want to be in an even work one.” -Vice Magazine

See. It sadly ends as quickly as it starts clocking in under 2 and a half minutes, which is probably it’s greatest flaw.

Pterodactyl consist of Kurt Beals on bass, Joe Kremer on guitar and Matt Marlin on a probably damaged drum kit (note this). They’ve been around since 2004 and actually performed loads of gigs in the US. I commend them for their DIY spirit, not having singles; instead making a video for a song you can get free of their website. They probably like dinosaurs.

Download: Pterodactyl-Polio [highly recommended]

Download: Pterodactyl- Esses

Website: www.pterodactyl.info

Myspace: Pterodactyl want more friends to eat

Label: Cardboard Records