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Links Dump September 30, 2006

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I’ve been listening to some really great music over the last 2 days. And I will post it. I just need to sleep. Now to end this first person journalism.

Expect to see this in some lazy dance videos, or in Muse Winter tour. Speaking of lazy idea’s

Ever seen any designs or graphics that looked familiar. You might have and this good hearted blog aims to catch out the art fraudsters like the webased sleuths they are.

Stop gap animation is brilliant, and so is the web. See what happens when they meet.


News Dump, cos I feel guilt about not updating everything September 29, 2006

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I feel guilty about not posting anything in an age, so hold your breat here we go….

Come on you must have know something was wrong when I failed to post about my favouriet pint sized teen/punkers. He is also apparently a presbyterian minister if you google his name.

He is obviously not.

Vote for your favourite music festivals and the bands you saw.

To be crap….

Regarde, be amazed by the mix of organisation and chaos.

Entire blogosphere posts about it, yet successfully ignores the her bloody great single.

Blogosphere also loves the new reissues.

They inadvertently depicted hell; they are in it.

I made it during work experience, but was too busy. Luckily some geek uploaded it all to youtube. Lovely picture to…

Starting to sound brilliantly jazzy. Despite no performances or singles, they sell out The Camden Roundhouse faster than anyone ever.

Seeking American pat on the head Wheeler? aka Snow Patrolling

First stuff from new band. When did he change his band? (I don’t mean Blur).

Fabulously titled post from musiclikdirt reveals Lily Allen Samples and possible inspiration for debut album. Very interesting listening.

On the worst things to happen to Music. Manage to ignore several major rock and roll deaths.

Nothingbutgreenlights linked to this. Lost of ace weird stuff.

Ever wanted to be an indie snob? Here is a how to kit.

BRISTOL Thekla – Sun 19 November

BRIGHTON Concorde 2 – Mon 20 November

LONDON KCLSU – Wed 22 November

HULL The Welly Club – Tue 28 November

MANCHESTER Club Academy – Wed 29 November

Will give your children nightmares. Unless they enjored bugs life to much.And that bloggers is how you entire an entire week in music in 15 minutes. Now you must excuse me I have a 4player Halo2 game to 0WN!!11!!

LDN Final Push September 25, 2006

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Inbox invader:

Hey everyone!

Well the single 'LDN' is out this week. Don't forget the CD and 7" contain the

now WORLD famous 'Nan You're A Window Shopper' and the enhanced CD contains

Lily's version of The Kooks 'Naive' and the fantastic 'LDN' video.

You can buy the single from HMV here


Download the exclusive version performed live acoustically at Bush Hall from

itunes here


Other download versions include Switch Remix, Warbox original Dub,

Wookie Remix,

Crack Whore Riddim!

Download remixes here


You can get Silverlink's Future Mix exclusively through 7 Digital here



Lily is performing at Virgin Megastore tomorrow night (that's Tuesday 26th Sept)

at 6.00pm. It'll be rammed so get there early to avoid disappointment. 14-16

Oxford St, London W1. She'll also be signing copies of the 'LDN' single so have

yours ready ! (This is a wristband only event. You can buy the single and get

your wristband, which is available on a first come first served basis to

personal callers only, from 9.00am Monday 25th September at the Oxford Street

Virgin Megastore. 1 wristband per person)

Free Ring Tone!

Don't forget you can claim your free exclusive LDN ringtone, by visiting Lily's

free official mobile club. Text "Lily club" to 84477 to claim..

Lily out and about this week:

Lily will be on the Chris Moyle's show (Radio 1) on 27th Sept - an interview not

to be missed!  And on 29th September Lily will be a special guest on the

Jonathan Ross show.  She'll be performing an acoustic version of 'LDN' and

chatting to the cheeky chappy on BBC1.

Check out Lily's home page for more radio and tv activity this week!


Over and out for now...enjoy the single!

Honestly they are trying. But I puts my money on it scraping top 20’s as people are shallow, forgetful and are too busy listening to their new Scissor Sisters album to buy the second best song off Lilly Allen’s Album. Also all the indie kids brought the single when it came out first time round. The new video was also a tad bit literal, going down hill following the humorous intro.

If you haven’t seen it already (you may not have all TMF and The Hits have been showing is that bloody Scissor Sisters song (practically made me homophobic) its here.

See what I mean.

You can get download LDN here. Honestly, remember to buy the single as you have to hear “Gran Your A Windowshopper”.

Rough theme= kinda rocky bits September 24, 2006

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Sometimes you just get really fed up with listening to gay indie crap and The Scissor Sisters and just have an urge to turn up your amp. Headband and generally annoy your sister across the hall. That’s why I bring you Sunday NightLoud Stuff. Possible feature? Anyway “TURN THAT RACKET DOWN!!!”

I’ve talked about these guys in previous posts. And possibly via the wonderful narcissistic stalker tool technorati. The guitarist Jon got in contact with me, and having thanked me for the nice comments sent me a new track that is proper new and exclusive (won’t be released as a single until next year due to label changes I believe) and his full recommendation to spread it with you lovely people.

Luckily for me this may actually be the best song I’ve heard or month. If not all year. Its very “Bends” era Radiohead/More poppy Sonic Youth. Really brilliant “CHECK IT”.

Download: LED!- Ladders [highly recommended]

Have been featured on Idolator, this power-pop/garage threesome captured my ears with this upbeat (if depressingly themed) catchy tune. If you like, think NY hipster version of The Knack.

Download: The Figgs- Don’t Hurt Me Again

As a cultured music fan i enjoy sampling music from many different parts of the world and of many genres. And one of the smaller niche genres I enjoy is Japanese surf rock. There is probably a long interesting story as to why the genre sprung up on an island that is renowned for high cliffs rather than beaches, and i should probably read into it. But for the purposes of this i will avoid.

Just to inflate my intellectual ego; I am also a fan of a the very underground genre of music known as classical. Normally restrained to the underground pirate stations like Classical FM it struggles to find an audience with an modern exuberant young person today. This is why I why i was very happy when i found this. Surf rock master Takeshi has moulded the two favorites doing surf rock versions of some well known classics.

There all pretty bloody great bar “Flight of the Bumble Bee” which despite being an obvious choice became an desperate let down.

I won’t stick them up myself when they already have been.

Don’t rock fans their name is ironic. Although normally ironism is something to be avoided in the modern rock arena we can let them off as they are from Australia. The home of hard rock like Jet and Wolfmother (Sorry, sarcastic tendencies). Either way pointed out by Obscuresound and Ear Drums Shall Fail I couldn’t but helping taking a note. Try them if like The Raconteurs or any of the bands that Jack White and co. rip off.

Download: The Silent- Little People

You can get more stuff on the excellent aforementioned blogs.

Always harped on by DrownedinSound.com they garnered quite the fan club. Either way myself and Derek from Goodweatherforairstrikes have been needing to write about these awesome guys since forever. Luckily for me he rights about the guys so eloquently attempting to compete would be fruitless. If you enjoy feedback, Sonic Youth, Godspeed You Black Emperor! or any guitar music that is mind blowing and a bit different from the general pub indie rock nonsense plugged endlessly on Radio1 then….

Download: 65 Days Of A Static- Retreat! Retreat! [highly recommended]

On a sidenote. I spend 20minutes listening to show on Radio6 going on about Nirvana and how “Nevermind” cause an explosion in teenagers picking up guitars and giving grunge a crack blah blah blah. Either way I stuck a microphone normally reserved for MSN use on a pile of Univirsity prospectuses and Guides next to my mike and made a lot of improvised noise in one take. 

Download: FUCKING ME!!!- Some impro crap that fell out my arse on a Sunday Night

Come back tomorrow when I do the same thing without mistakes, a much better solo, half as long with some dodgy free drum-machine! 

Yeah I know the spread of easy recording to the masses is creating an overwhelming amount of crap in an already shoddily designed discontented modern world . This is an experiment though 🙂

Stuff you MUST here NOW September 23, 2006

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  • Lior

FakeDIY have links to sample Liors album. Its been around for years in Australia or the US as I’ve been really enjoying this track. In fact I listened to it before doing a General Studies AS Exam and got an A, so make your own minds up. He is also highly recommended by my new Australian art teachers favourite radio station.
Download: Lior- This Old Love

  • MummRa

I’ve been meaning to post about these guys for ages after enjoying them supporting someone. Well this is off their latest EP and caught my ears. In a bad way they sound like Embrace in a goodway its sounds like perfection.

Download: MummRa- Out Of The Question

  • This Town Needs Guns

This band could get in here on name alone. But luckily for them they also make thrilling indie/lofi/rock. And now have been featured on drownedinsound. Ttry if you like The Thermals or Muse or “Bends” era Radiohead.


I think that its for now. Comeback then for hopefully some stuff excellent garage/power pop featured on Idolator (who linked to me :P) and a really really great and underhead new Love End Disaster track. See you in 10hours.

Lots of Random Videos…. again September 23, 2006

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Kasabian- Shoot the Runner

Hopefully this is the actual video. Unlike Last time

Damn you wordpress code! See it here. Its pretty good, even if apple maybe after a lawsuit.

The Bound- Wake Up Ma and Pa Are Gone

Nice song, rubbish video. Although it is their first video, but that’s no excuse really.

Girls Aloud- Something Kinda Ooh

Again whether your trying to be ironic and cool, or you listen to Capital FM or even just have ears. You cannot die this is one of Girls Aloud’s best work to date, which means its pretty bloody brilliant.

Download: Girls Aloud- Something Kinda Ooh

Franz Ferdinand- Wine in the Afternoon

Despite this being an b-side ages ago, i only just saw the video. Haven’t made my mind up on the video but this song will be wonderful in a 9 months time when its summer again.

Clearlake- It’s Getting Light Outside

Up there with British Sea Power as one of “The Best UK bands who’ve been around a while but you’ve never heard of”. One of the best songs of their excellent last LP “Amber”.

Download: Clearlake- Hate It That I Got What I Wanted <-this is the best song due to fileden being uncooperative.

News Dump September 23, 2006

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Sorry, I’ve been really lazy updating this blog for the last 2 days (But I have written two songs minus lyrics). So to catch up!

Among other boring stuff.

Video Overload September 19, 2006

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  • Love Ends Disaster- Ginko Disco

The lovely lads from LED have made a video for their constant crowd pleaser “Ginko Disco”. I’d have never thought such black humour was a potential from best kept band in Nottingham. They would quite like some votes on NME.com. Please go help ’em out.

Download: Love Ends Disaster- Ginko Disco

  • Album Leaf- Always For You

The making of their album video was a featured video at YouTube. But now they have a video to go along with this top tune.

Download: The Album Leaf- Always For You

  • Lupe Fiasco ft. Jill Scott- Daydreamin’

Kanye’s West young prodigies best work to date. Their should definitely be more hip hop that samples The Beta Band.

You can see him peform at the London Scala on the 25th

And Radiohead

Monday’s Link Amalgamation September 18, 2006

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I have already posted Art Brut and Spinto Band tunes.

Buy tickets for the UK leg here.

Download: We Are Scientists- The Great Escape

Listen here

  • And finally- It’s all over the web but if you haven’t seen it…

All that apprehension for that! A dodgy slapstick joke, we knew The Simpsons had slipped but sheesh.

Download: The White Stripes- Hardest Button To Button

Knights of Cydonia Video September 17, 2006

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muse matt bellarmy“Knights of Cydonia” is probably my favourite song of the year so far. It’s not cool or underground. But it is fabulously epic. Which is why I was shocked when I found out they made a video for it. How did I you miss that?

In a trend that follows The Killers the video is a mini cowboy movie. Muse do trump The Killers through excellent use of lasers, motorcycles, scantily clad girls riding horses and holographs. Everything is better with lasers. Muse we salute you.

Download: Muse- Knights of Cydonia [highly recommended]

If you have been regularly enjoying my work and the work of other I steal please vote me best music blog in this years btyahoo digital music awards. I think I’m ineligible so help me kick up a stink.