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Pivot – In The Blood May 19, 2008

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This is utterly fantasique.


Video Post Super Thing March 2, 2008

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I’m back finally. I’m still not out of this patch. If anything I slid quickly from one patch into another. This better be quick. I’ve got to clean the house for my mother.

The New Pornographers- Myriad Harbour

I kind of missed out on the new album, I remember this one being great, and now it has a very graphic video that will please anyone with a fetish for adobe products.

The Mystery Jets- Young Love

I still have mixed feelings about the Mystery Jets and the penchant for pretentious jazzy pop, but this new single is so lush thanks possibly to a production from the amazing Erol Akan and the fact they stop roping in the singers Dad. A really cute song.

Foals- Cassius

Similarly to the Mystery Jets I never particularly like Foals or their music (with the exception of Mathletics), but this single might have turned it on its head. Its clever and supercatchy. Regarde

Kevin Drew- Lucky Ones

If you’ve spent anytime on this website you’ll know that I love Kevin Drew and everything Canada craps out. Thus I went all giddy with the rapturous joy that fills this clip of Kevin Drew handing out tequila while some random old guy joins him on stage.

Spoon (Britt Daniels)- I Summon You (black cab session)

I mean’t to post some stuff that has been sliding out of the black cab subscription I have on youtube, but failed to ever get round it. But after enjoying a Spoon gig last Monday I saw it fit to post this. Surf over to black cabs channels to enjoy some poetry from a very angry black man, I lost it but its there.

Jeffrey Lewis- Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror

I brought Jeffreys latest album on the strength of this song. It wasn’t on it, but I am now a massive fan of this gentlemen. Certified genius, and this is his best song of my little knowledge of him.

Super Video Super Post January 20, 2008

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Just got get this out the way. Some old some new, some everyone on the internet has already strained their fannies getting all excited about.

The Dead Meadows- What Needs Must Be 

Friendly Fires- Paris

Vampire Weekend- A-Punk 

Dinosaur Jr- Been There All the Time

Honorourable mention for this. I never realised this video was ever made, it belatedly became my favourite song of “Beyond”.

Jason Collete- Stuff about his next album

I’l do some proper posts soon. Almost out of this patch.

Johnny Foreigner December 24, 2007

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Genre: Melodramatic Popular Song/Twee/Hardcore

Label: Best Before Records

Currently garnering love from just about everyone with a keyboard and a mouth. Johnny Foreigner are the UK’s “new favourite band“. That is rubbish. The lead singers voice is gonna grate for some. Its a lot less annoying than that dude from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. But conditioned by a year of listening to Los Campesinos! I actually quite like it. In fact Los Campesinos! is a good comparison. These guys sound like they did a Nirvana, by stealing the Pixies loud quite style, but not just using it dynamically. They actually change genres two. These guys schizophrenically switch between Hardcore a semi-skimmed Black Flags affair to a Belle and Sebastian/Los Campesinos twee boy girl harmonies. It’s an utterly gripping listen.

Johnny Foreigner- Sometimes In The Bullring

They have some gigs coming up. Watch them in these places.

26 London DiScover show @ Notting Hill Arts Club *

11 Dublin the Village
12 Bedford Esquires
13 Birmingham Academy 2
14 Glasgow King Tuts
16 Newcastle Northumbria Uni
17 Sheffield Leadmill
18 Manchester Club Academy
19 Brighton Concorde 2
20 Reading Fez
21 Kingston the Works
23 Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

* = with Yeborobo, Sailors

All February shows are in support of Los Campesinos!.

Now download this song guilt free as its only on some sold out early EP’s, and is also my favourite song by them so far. And then buy their EP, and pray you get in quick and get the cool pop up version.

[MP3] Johnny Foreigner- Our Bipolar Friends [highly recommended]

Myspace: They are so lonely they are cool

Website: They don’t have one 😦

I promised Stricken City last week, so shall post on the eve of Christmas. Expect some hum buggery.

New York, New York! December 24, 2007

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Two bands from Brooklyn. Two great songs. Both of these guys albums having been popping up on endless “Best of…” lists. Don’t let that jade your opinion of them though.

Les Savy Fav

Genre: Indie/Experimental/Rock

Label: French Kiss Records

I remember this video coming out. If anything I got a bit distracted by the hypnotic dancing lady, and actually didn’t notice how good this song is. Nothing has made me want to boogie more this year. Just those drums matching up with that groovy bass line, its delicious. The melody has been stuck in my head for 3 days. In fact I know its in the key of G major its been in my head so much. Enjoy.

Les Savy Fav- Patty Lee

Remember to buy there album so they can afford to shave.

[MP3] Les Savy Fav- Patty Lee [highly highly recommended]

Myspace: Les Savy Fav are sad as The National have more friends

Website: www.lessavyfav.com

The National

Genre: Indie/Rock/Alternative

Label: Beggars Banquet

Obviously as a blogger Its not like I missed these guys. I just didn’t hear anything good, that was worth me researching further and buying the album. I wish I had, beneath a layer of hyperbole and guff is this utter gem. Dark and brooding, its the deep breathing crooning on this song that make it worth it.

The National- Mistaken For Strangers

Buy The Nationals album so they can fix their bed.

[MP3] The National- Mistaken For Strangers [highly recommended]

Myspace: The National are very smug as they have more friends than Les Savy Fav

Website: www.americanmary.com

Super Video Fun Time!!11!! December 16, 2007

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Is an anticlimax.

With only three proper videos.

British Sea Power

Genre: Alternative Rock/Indie

Label: Rough Trade Records

British Sea Power- Waving Flags

This video is as mysterious as Yans face. Hot or not? He’s like a male Lily Allen.

Actually I found this while getting that video.

British Sea Power- Atom [fan video]

Fantastic and actually makes more sense than BSP’s own video. I think a lot can be said for a record that makes a toddler want to run around endlessly in a circle. Namely that its good enough to download.

[MP3] British Sea Power- Atom [highly recommended]

Ooh looky a video released a few weeks ago that no one noticed. I claim this as a premier!

British Sea Power- Water Tower

That’s off the Krakenhaus? EP that I’m still waiting for! Bloody post! Good mind.

Why don’t you buy the EP from a reputable company, allowing the band to buy some more foliage.

Myspace: Massive cult band. Thus actually tiny

Website: www.britishseapower.co.uk

Los Campesinos

Genre: Alternative/Indie/Pop

Label: Wichita Recordings

Many have argued for this to be the greatest video of the year. Its difficult to spot a flaw in their case. Kittens, confetti, multicolour throwup?

Los Campesinos- Death to Los Campesinos

Others hate it though. Stereogum fans went a bit ape poopy and got all moody as they hadn’t had dose of LCD Soundsystem that day. Its a bit early for a backlash; they’ve only played a few gigs over the pond. Browsing their blog a I found a fairly entertaining blog mainly updated by the lovely bassist and the fit ginger one.

Previously. They where also great at ULU a yonk ago, now buy their excellent EP so the band can afford a new xylophone.
[MP3] Los Campesinos- Death to Los Campesinos

Myspace: Actually as popular as British Sea Power despite having existed for 10 mins

Website: www.loscampesinos.com

Members of the Public

Genre: Pop

Label: Shifty Disco

Members of the Public- Magic Ingredient

Not bad, but they’re best song is Extraordinary pleasures. Which is actually quite new, off their unreleased album. I would do an MP3 rip off myspace but audacity has borked. So your gonna have to go through the strenuous process of clicking a big link.

You can help them buy more sunglasses by buying the single. Capitalism is fun.

Myspace: They’re myspace is quite broken and a horrible green

Website: www.membersofthepublic.net

P.S I know I promised Johnny Foreigner and Stricken City, but I finish college on Monday and I won’t have a fire breathing monster down my neck.

Peter Von Poehl December 9, 2007

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Genre: Folk/Acoustic/Pop

Label: Bella Union

I initially had difficulty

tracking him down. As during his absorbing and enchanting performance he referred to him self as Peter Von Poo. This though did not detract from his delicate electric and acoustic guitar playing, or deny him his amazing voice. I have never been more spellbound by a solo performer ever. I did find he had done a video for my favourite song of the night. I’ll shut up now.
Peter Von Poehl- The Story Of The Impossible

Enchanting, hypnotic, hyperbolic. Wish I was into it when it actually came out in 2006.

You can though get a song of his for free as I’m to lazy to get it for you here.

Buy his album so he can get some mouse traps. Tune in next week for some more poorly researched and formatted rubbish on Johnny Foreigner, Stricken City and Members of the Public.

Myspace: Don’t let your girlfriend near him, he will steel her and make you cry

Website: www.petervonpoehl.com

Lykke Li December 9, 2007

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Genre: Alternative/Pop/Amazingness

Label: LL Recordings

Putting her name into elbo.ws you quickly realise this girl has just exploded. Not literally that would be a messy shame. No after one or two Swedish blogs giving the nods over the summer, and then slowly more US blogs caught on, things have heated up for this Swedish songstress after brooklyn vegan reviewed a gig she did with fellow catchy Swedes Peter, Bjorn and John. He post so much of course he’s going to post something gold up occasionally.

Then things went really nuclear, when Stereogum mentioned her in passing. This made me feel really bad as I more or less ignore when they post now as loads of it is PR hype and drivel. Thus I only took note when goodweatherforairstrikes went ape poopy about her. Why?

Lykke Li- Little Bit

That’s kids is several shades of brilliant and beyond. Pop perfection with utterly bewitching lyrics. Forget everything I’ve said before. This is the single of the year. It has everything, cow bells, triangles, ooh oohs, ukuleles, and a vocal that makes you want to kiss girls. Just note the almost stutter in just before second chorus. Amazing. I actually almost cried when I found out she supported Caribou and the Dirty Projectors in November, a gig I already felt bad about not going to through laziness and ignorance.

MP3: Lykke Li- Little Bit [highly highly recommended]

MP3: Lykke Li- Everybody But Me

Buy her limited edition E.P and feel enormously cool

Myspace: Deserves a billion friends

Website: www.lykkeli.com

St Vincent December 9, 2007

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Genre: Indie/Rock/Soul

Label: Beggars Banquet

I came really late to this part once again. Its over really. Anyway my interest in St Vincent was piqued by two of my favourite bloggers own interests. Mainly this video. But on further inspection was a bit bored by the songs on myspace. But

I only went to this gig, as mainly I like the venue and had an urge for some grilled chicken. On record I hadn’t really got with her. It came off as pretencions and dull. But live its another beast. St Vincent get your attention by rocking up all her songs. Often generating music that has the complexity of Sufjan Stevens before breaking it down into a shoegazy galatic noise opera. Her pedal board and guitar playing is also offensively good. Made me want to give up. Here’s a video, but you will only fall in love with her. Not in music. You need to hunt her down outside of a studio.

St Vincent- Jesus Saves, I spend

I think they missed a trick not marketing this as a Christmas song. A strange anti commercialisation of Christmas of song. Its what I would want to here anyway.

Buy her album, so she can buy another kajillion pedals.

And also visist her very interesting blog. 

Myspace: St Vincent is one of the best marketed indie music stars this year, don’t add her she will break your heart

Website: www.ilovestvincent.com

Clare and the Reasons December 9, 2007

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Hello readers. Don’t expect a big long intense guide. I have to be quick. But this has all been initiated by St Vincents amazing gig at Bush Hall last last Friday (met her in Nando’s!) and her fantastic support acts. First up…

Clare and the Reasons

Genre: Alternative/Pop

Label: Frog Stand Records

They’re not from Sweden. They’re from Brooklyn, but they do make thoughtful, adorable orchestral, alternative, pop. The Times and the FT like them, if that isn’t a stamp of quality, then you can audit me.

Clare and the Reasons – Rodi

Probably their most poppy effort.

Clare and the Reasons- Under the water

I normally avoid slow music. It just bores me as I’m quite obviously an impatient twat with no taste. But Clare’s music just has so much innate charm its very hard to hate. Live they also have thing for xylophones, plucked violins and headlamps.

Remember buy stuff so the band can buy some new head torches.

Myspace: Accountants love Clare and the Reasons

Website: www.claremuldaur.com