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Video Post Super Thing March 2, 2008

Posted by alexd in Look What I Just Found, Music, Video.
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I’m back finally. I’m still not out of this patch. If anything I slid quickly from one patch into another. This better be quick. I’ve got to clean the house for my mother.

The New Pornographers- Myriad Harbour

I kind of missed out on the new album, I remember this one being great, and now it has a very graphic video that will please anyone with a fetish for adobe products.

The Mystery Jets- Young Love

I still have mixed feelings about the Mystery Jets and the penchant for pretentious jazzy pop, but this new single is so lush thanks possibly to a production from the amazing Erol Akan and the fact they stop roping in the singers Dad. A really cute song.

Foals- Cassius

Similarly to the Mystery Jets I never particularly like Foals or their music (with the exception of Mathletics), but this single might have turned it on its head. Its clever and supercatchy. Regarde

Kevin Drew- Lucky Ones

If you’ve spent anytime on this website you’ll know that I love Kevin Drew and everything Canada craps out. Thus I went all giddy with the rapturous joy that fills this clip of Kevin Drew handing out tequila while some random old guy joins him on stage.

Spoon (Britt Daniels)- I Summon You (black cab session)

I mean’t to post some stuff that has been sliding out of the black cab subscription I have on youtube, but failed to ever get round it. But after enjoying a Spoon gig last Monday I saw it fit to post this. Surf over to black cabs channels to enjoy some poetry from a very angry black man, I lost it but its there.

Jeffrey Lewis- Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror

I brought Jeffreys latest album on the strength of this song. It wasn’t on it, but I am now a massive fan of this gentlemen. Certified genius, and this is his best song of my little knowledge of him.



1. Dan - March 20, 2008

heya, i really like this site but not sure if i agree with you entirely as i really like the Foals and the Mystery Jets and apparently the Foals have great artwork on their new album so i’m definately getting it… I think it’s out this monday is that right? Cassius is my favorite but the rest is good too i thought… just throwing that out there!

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