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Youtube Link Dump July 13, 2007

Posted by alexd in Look What I Just Found, Music, Video.


Hello, how are you? Enjoying your summer? I’m not when I’m not procrastinating or sleeping I’m slaving away in a variety of odd jobs to fund my expensive consumer habits. Actually I’m lieing. I managed to snag a very enjoyable photography job via my Saturday job. I can work from home when I want while my mates toil away- working for “the man”. Being a till monkey or answering phones. Anyways here are some of the results of my endless procrastination (not during business hours).

Justin’s Tour vBlog 2 – Live Earth Gig (Hamburg)

If your learning to play guitar, and you not using a real human one. This guy is a great replacement. He actually justifies the existence of Katie Melua, being her tour and session guitarist. Here’s some insane footage from a stage perspective, and also revealing the very unethical travelling induced by the hypocritical but still enjoyable Live Earth. How good where Foo Fighters! ZOMG!

Uncut – “Darkhorse”

I get sent loads of shit by trendy, down with the kids PR companies and most of it is dire ignorable tripe but this is the dog nuts. This shows CSS how to make animated videos (Alcohols video was crappy), whilst also being a fairly palpable modern, angry, pop, punk, punk, alternative indie rock do-dah.

I swear I had more stuff than this. I do try and note stuff. As in leve it in my firefox tabs, which get promptly lost when other people switch off my computer, or when Firefox crashes and burns. Sorry to let you down. My bad. I guess you guys have pretty low expectations of this poorly formatted, badly written, irregularly updated blog.



1. Daco - April 13, 2009

Hi all, a funny video shot in a pool. Girl does crazy stuff underwater in this swimming pool.

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