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Yay Snowday! February 8, 2007

Posted by alexd in Life, Music, Unheard Artist.

Like many simple folk in the south of this great country, I am home today following a great sprinkling of the white stuff. The chickens don’t know how to react. Their stubby reptilian legs barely lifting their bodies above the frozen snow. People on the radio are complaining about it as they always do, while children use it properly, laughing and frolicking outside as their parents fret about hypothermia. I am a geek. So I spent the morning catching up on News Scientist magazines.

Anyway on the topic of snow, I found a band a few months ago called “Snowfight In The City Centre” and this very catchy tune. They sound like a much more happy version of The Editors, or Snowpatrol (no pun intended) with souls. Enjoy.

Download: Snowfight In The City Centre- No Light Left

Website: snowfight.net

Myspace: someones been busy sending out invites, probably the drummer



1. Benny K - February 8, 2007

Yeah Snowfight are pretty good. Didn’t have any mp3s til now, cheers!

2. alexd - February 8, 2007


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