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Egyption Shumba October 29, 2006

Posted by alexd in Life, Music, My shit, Photography, Video.

What you doing here, this isn’t even a proper post. No this is one of my ego pumping self promotion posts. Some of you may remember I went to Egypt and now I have returned. And just to prove I wasn’t lying on a sunbed like some great beached whale here is a video I made for one of my favourite songs about my favourite sport.

Broken Social Scene vs Me- Windsurfing Nation

Download: Broken Social Scene- Windsurfing Nation [highly recommended]

It took far too long to make and almost made my computer crash. I must now go and continue my search for banging tunes and so some physics and art coursework. Hooray for life.

Oh and having gone to Egypt it seems a good excuse to post this amazing classic pop song that makes The Pipettes look like Cleopatra (no pun intended).

Download: The Tammys- Egyptian Shumba [highly recommended]



1. DL - December 5, 2006

Cool – you’re the first windsurfing indie-music blogger I’ve come across. Have you ever checked out the Dakine website?
http://www.dakine.com and click on “DK music” below the picture – don’t know if they’re sponsoring bands with bags or what the agreements are, but they have some cool stuff there including a BSS track, but not this one.

Thanks for bringing windsurfing into your blog.

2. alexd - December 5, 2006

Actually i rediscovered Ash on dakine.com. Extreme sports people do have some of the best tastes in music. Even that rubbish skating programme on a saturday morning on 5ive used to have some excellent tunes.

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