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Jamin Orral Takes That Walk September 7, 2006

Posted by alexd in Music, Video.

Despite being a massive Be Your Own PET I only learnt of this today. DrownedinSound reported that in short:

  • He wants to spend more time working on inifinity cat records (his label that used to have BYOP on)
  • He wants to do more work with his great current side project JEFF
  • He wants to go to college

Which is very mature really, particulalry from the wildest sticksmen this side of Keith Moon. It could also be a conscious decision with BYOP getting bigger and heading off on a massive US tour with Sonic Youth (about the same time in the timescale that The White Stripes got famous followong success in the UK). It does also beg the question who the hell can replace him? He is the best drummer I have ever witnessed live. Jemima lacked the coordination when the swapped positions for their intro at their last ULU gig…

Enjoy their latest single (which i think came out this monday).

Download: Be Your Own Pet- Take That Walk

Jeff- Noo Sixties [highly recommened]

Jeff- Steamship [highly recommended]



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