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Lykke Li December 9, 2007

Posted by alexd in Buzz band, Music, Pop, Video.







Genre: Alternative/Pop/Amazingness

Label: LL Recordings

Putting her name into elbo.ws you quickly realise this girl has just exploded. Not literally that would be a messy shame. No after one or two Swedish blogs giving the nods over the summer, and then slowly more US blogs caught on, things have heated up for this Swedish songstress after brooklyn vegan reviewed a gig she did with fellow catchy Swedes Peter, Bjorn and John. He post so much of course he’s going to post something gold up occasionally.

Then things went really nuclear, when Stereogum mentioned her in passing. This made me feel really bad as I more or less ignore when they post now as loads of it is PR hype and drivel. Thus I only took note when goodweatherforairstrikes went ape poopy about her. Why?

Lykke Li- Little Bit

That’s kids is several shades of brilliant and beyond. Pop perfection with utterly bewitching lyrics. Forget everything I’ve said before. This is the single of the year. It has everything, cow bells, triangles, ooh oohs, ukuleles, and a vocal that makes you want to kiss girls. Just note the almost stutter in just before second chorus. Amazing. I actually almost cried when I found out she supported Caribou and the Dirty Projectors in November, a gig I already felt bad about not going to through laziness and ignorance.

MP3: Lykke Li- Little Bit [highly highly recommended]

MP3: Lykke Li- Everybody But Me

Buy her limited edition E.P and feel enormously cool

Myspace: Deserves a billion friends

Website: www.lykkeli.com



1. kate - March 31, 2008

you can get to know lykke a bit better here:

2. alex orr - April 26, 2008

saw you on jools holland show, a long time since I sat back and just said wow! fantastic stuff, thanx

3. Anna - May 5, 2008

Brilliant! ;**

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