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Late Summer Lovelyness part.7 November 11, 2007

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I think this is a statement on my mental health. If you look to the left you can see how I personally organise the seasons according to the year. And thus I shall cram all the songs I was going to post in one big horrible chunk. Don’t blame me, blame a poor up bringing where I spent too much time indoors.


The Snake The Cross The Crown-Gypsy Melody

Thats literally all I know about this band. There name. That and there from America. Its only the third largest nation on the planet. Mostly dust and hills anyway. Anyway this song is great. A cute little fingerpicked intro gives way to a trickling melody before a stomping drum kicks into action, then a cymbal, suddenly lyrics of weather and hope soar into the air dragging this song to a massive happy rocking end. Proper uplifting. Reserve for GCSE mocks if your ickle or you know, Christmas.

MP3: The Snake The Cross The Crown- Gypsy Melody

Myspace: Are surprisingly popular

Slow Club- Biology Hearts

Again delicate acoustic guitars compliment a declicate sounding pair of girl and boy vocals, apparently predicting the rather depressing downfall of humanity. But you know they sing about childhood games too. Luckily this songs also has pink flower covered buckets of charm thate negate any morose topics. Its obviously follows a Joy Division style sad but happy combo of lyrics and melody, but in a completely different way. Why do I write this drivel. Just concentrate on charming, ignore the other bollocks. Seriously though, these guys have got tunes, and they’ll be massive once Noah and the Whale have got out the way.

MP3: Slow Club-Biology Hearts

Myspace: Probably deserve another 10 mates

Harry Nilsson-Gotta Get Up

This song was made in 1972, buts its as fresh as daisy. Unlike the character of the song, who like many of us struggles with arriving to work in time, due to having too much fun. The chorus reminding us of this inner turmoil of fun vs work. This song also has these amazing drunken trumpets and lazy accordian. Amazing songwriting and arrangement. Sadly this guy died 10 years ago, and the ending is a bit rubbish, but apart from that its a gem!

MP3: Harry Nilsson-Gotta Get Up [highly recommended]

Website: www.harrynilsson.com

So there you guy. I’ll post some more noise up soon, as I’ve had a couple of complaints, and been to loads of gigs, and have nothing to do now that UCAS is all sewn up. Ta ra!



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