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Late Summer Lovelyness part.6 September 13, 2007

Posted by alexd in Buzz band, Music.


Bishop Allen

Apart from the time when I had previously heard

this song, when I first decided actually I like thisand thought “hmm… I’ll put this on the portable sound file jukebox”. This song really came to my attention when I was travelling home from Reading on the train having been herded into first class, as the coach class was packed with commuters and surplus muddy revellers. A rather twee intro of just a single arpeggic ukulele gives way to a slightly breathy male vocal before being accompanied by sparing use of a glockenspiel. When drums finally join you are mid way into this decided catchy pop gem. Glockenspiel ukulele cross over band! WAH! I think my brain is melting. Seriously though it’s lovely, and probably unbeatable as an indie pop song about wedding photography. Warning girls it may cause your ovaries to explode. In a good way.

Download: Bishop Allen- Click Click Click

Website: www.bishopallen.com You can get more mp3’s here!

Myspace: Seriously the stateside web was crazy about these guys, have people unfriended them. That sad help them out.



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