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Late Summer Lovelyness part.5 September 6, 2007

Posted by alexd in Been round a while but I hadn't heard of until recently, Forgotten Greats, Music, Video.

Oxford Summer, originally uploaded by jazmyn.

French Kicks- So Far We Are

You know how I’m on a bit of Phoenix high at the mo. Well French Kicks (probably influenced by the name) that despite coming from New York sound like they heard about the Strokes via listening to Phoenix, rather than putting the radio on or reading local magazines. Their rhythmic, melodic and deft use of lyrics would never reveal their youths spent listening to DC hardcore. For it all though, it barely matters. This is a gorgeous song with trebley guitars, frenetic but controlled drumming and a magical vocal. The production really helps lift this song (note the subtle doo doohs at the end of the verses) into the stratospheres of alternative pop. If you love this as much as me its probably worth heading over to freeindie.com to collect up some mp3.

Download: French Kicks- So Far We Are [highly recommended]

Website: www.frenckicks.com

Myspace: For being around 8 years you would think they have more friends



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