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Late Summer Lovelyness part.1 September 4, 2007

Posted by alexd in Music, Unheard Artist, Video.

2006_04_00085, originally uploaded by johntwilger.

Anyway I have panned for gold in the constant strean of shit songs produced daily by the web and discovered these beautiful golden gems of the songs. Have a barbaque, put these songs and be admired by the opposite sex for great taste and sensitivity. Nothing too fast passed, but by no excuses dull. These songs all have great melodies and as normal are only the creme de la creme, thus me bothering to post about them. Ecoute!

Forever Thursday- How Can It Be

This is probably the most lovely song you will hear this year. Possibly until they teach kittens to sing about rainbows. Thats not mean’t to sound patronising, but this Australian singer songwriter duo make adorable music to dream by. Haunting but friendly keyboards guide you into the meloncholy chroons of Melanie Horsnell, before a ukele solo alleviates you. Truely delightful, although I’m a tad embarrassed as i garnered this song from EASFA in March.

Website: www.foreverthursday.com

Myspace: Forever Thursday don’t have enough friends for Friday

Download: Forever Thursday- How Can It Be [highly recommened]

Edit: I’ll finish this post tommorrow I hate my internet 😦

Edit Edit: I’ll actually make this a series



1. Mark - September 6, 2007

melanie horsnell’s voice and her own music can be heard on her myspace site.

she is about to jump into a studio to record her next album


2. Mark - September 6, 2007

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