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NuGrunge is dead, long live Grunge July 18, 2007

Posted by alexd in Forgotten Greats, Music, Video.

Anyone remember Giant Drag, they where one of the more charasmatic bands that I saw last year at Reading when you could actually get Saturday tickets without them being stolen by rich middle class toffs with nothing better to do than tout tickets out of their ebay shop based in their Eton common rooms between extra Latin and lacrosse practise. Anyway I don’t know what triggered it. But I suddenly dug up their debut album and listened to that instead of the never ending playlist of mp3’s and podcasts. Its friggin boss. Some of their video’s are slightly pretentously retro but no ones perfect. Plus having one of the best gimmicks of the 00’s (remember the drummer played synth) fuzzed up by a rekindled love for the band i checked their website (more correctly her, Annie broke up with mike the multi talented drummer) and found she was in the studio and performing live again. So i thought i would celebrate by stealing her music and uploading it to the web. Here’s a catchup for the misinformed (you may been distracted by Muses epic Black Holes and Revalations coming out).

‘Kevin is Gay’ by Giant Drag

Pretensciously retro? Check. Adorable meow meow meow outro? Check. Catchy as Pamela Andersons Hepatitus C riff? Double check.

MP3: Giant Drag-Kevin is Gay [highly recommended] http://www.fileden.com/files/2006/7/17/134936/01%20Kevin%20is%20gay.mp3

Giant Drag – This Isn’t It

MP3: Giant Drag- This Isn’t It [highly recommended]

Anyway if you want to form a nugrunge band all credit to you. You can find great tabs for these songs here. Also if you into reading band blogs. Annie’s is actually fairly chuckle inducing, check it.

Bonus MP3:Giant Dr MyDick Suxhttp://www.fileden.com/files/2006/7/17/134936/10%20My%20dick%20sux.mp3ag-

Buy Their album? Go for it.

Myspace: Giant Drag have quite a few friends

Website: www.giantdrag.com

Oh and old grunge?

Dinosaur Jr on the Late Show 04.30.2007

I actually love this song so much. That opening riff is pretty much perfection, and takes me back to a time when I thought very little. It’s actually probably my favourite song of the year so far.

MP3: Dinosaur Jr- Almost Ready [highly highly recommended]

Buy their new album and tell me how it is

Myspace: Are more popular than Giant Drag, and didn’t invite them to their do

Website: www.dinosaurjr.com



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