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Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pimp ect March 26, 2007

Posted by alexd in Buzz band, Music, Pop, Video.

Genre: Hip Hop/ Electronica/ Indie

Label: None

Another blatant hit. I found it on the excellent goodweatherforairstrikes. I was just waiting for the video (lies lies). This future smash hit, and saviour of spoken word/break beat is released April 2nd on iTunes and the 16th on 7inch. Me wanty.

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip- Thou Shalt Always Kill

Enjoy, well until they get popular.

Download: Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip- Thou Shalt Always Kill [highly recommended]

You can download it legally now from here

Website: www.danlesac.co.uk

Myspace: Scroobius and Dan are feeling lonely



1. lexrecords - April 6, 2007

The first line of this track is ‘THOU SHALL NOT STEAL IF THERE IS A DIRECT VICTIM’ and yet you’re giving away the MP3 – fucking stupid. It’s available as a legal download and it’s out now. By doing this you’re stealing from the all the artists involved and the record label who did all the hard work so you heard about it in the first place. REMOVE THE LINK

2. alexd - April 6, 2007

Cool it, they’re just another band.

3. i wanna c u disco - April 6, 2007

lexrecords m8ey wat a cunt love music not the guys in the industry fuck them steaal all the music you can man then go c it and be it fuck the money

4. furtile - April 12, 2007

er, yeah but i think lex records are actually releasing the track so i think they kind of have a vested interest that probably overrides your txt msg hippy sensibilities, man…

5. YILA - April 13, 2007

Downloading is stealing – period. Sharing with your mates is another matter. These guys are scraping buy, busting a gut to make good music and you wont even part with 99p? Prick. Lex have been kind enough to put some cash up to get it out there, its not like there flying around in private jets. Stop being tight and destroying the music that you obviously care enough about. Bet you work at starbucks, ill have too soon if i cant sell the music i spend all my days working on.

6. ali - October 22, 2007

Hello. I parted with my cash saturday night at fibbers in york for the 5 track cd, I danced sunday morning to it. Just played it yo my 11 year old son. Hes not a fan but heyho. love the music. merci dans le sac.x

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