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Return of The Rakes March 1, 2007

Posted by alexd in Album News, Music, Return, Video.

the rakesGenre: Art rock/Indie

Label: V2/Dim Mak

The Rakes are cooler than…. drugs. They also came across as very clever in The Guardian.

This text is just to keep the picture above the embedded tube of you.

And this bit. Regarde

The Rakes- We Danced Together

Yay! Another grower, definitely not as instant as previous heats like “Retreat” and “22 Grand Job” but them haunting backing vocals and groovy bass-line will pull you in. Ready for the soccer punch of The Rakes own type of catchy, “angular” chords in the chorus. Obviously with Alan nervous singing through out. Either way. Who else wants to join me up on a rooftop for and apocalyptic dystopian disco. 4.7 times more cool than the roof party in the “W.AY.U.H” video by The Rapture. Looking forward to their next album “Ten New Messages” more than breakfast.

Download: The Rakes- We Danced Together

Download: The Rake- We Danced Together (Sebastian Remix) [is not very good]

Website: www.rakes.co.uk

Myspace: The Rakes do not need any more friends



1. cifanic - March 17, 2007

i like the remix…it’s different for sebastian and gives The Rakes a jerky, crunchy electronic tip that keeps them in their element but is a totally different take on it.

2. alexd - March 18, 2007

It wasnt for me, i like some of the stuff on your site though.

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