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Neon Biblical January 28, 2007

Posted by alexd in Album News, Music, Pop.

Rockin’ my world right now is some of the leaked Arcade Fire Stuff. The quality isn’t amazing (at 128kbps) but it will only make buying the CD all the more worth it. The songs on the other hand are fantastic. Hype aside, this song could cause religious conversion. One of the only downsides so far is that not all of the music is completely new. In fact “Intervention” and “No Cars Go” where around before Funeral, just minus the choir and ridiculous baroque organ. Strangely though my favourite song of Neon Bible is “No Cars Go”, and yet I still enjoy the EP version more, because of the synthy keys. My second favourite is the albums slower placed finale, the rousing but subdued “My Body Is A Cage”. You may have notices that the whole album is awash with religious overtone. Which make a change from most rock music doesn’t it? And with Marilyn Manson recording a new album, it will be interesting to see who sells more, it could be close.

P.S If anyone has any spare tickets to Brixton, their could be unreciprocated blow jobs involved.

Preorder the album here. Its coming out on March 5th arcade fire- neon  bible

Download: Arcade Fire- My Body Is A Cage

Download: Arcade Fire- No Cars Go (album version)

Download: Arcade Fire- No Cars Go (EP version)

Website: arcadefire.com

Myspace: They only recently joined so need a few more friends



1. Arthur Rimbaud - January 29, 2007

looks like as the whole album is here now:

2. Benny K - January 31, 2007

Yeah I got the leaked album, and I gotta say, the new version of No Cars Go is no match for the original from that EP a few years back, but it’s louder and suits the album much more. I noticed a few tracks in the album are pretty soul/blues-influenced too which is a brilliant choice of inspiration!

PS: saw Bloc Party – they were great. Metric were pretty disappointing as support though…

3. alexd - February 1, 2007

Theyre a bit and hit and miss arent they. And at least im not alone on the No cars go front, but it does bit in better. I do like the way they kind of continueing the theme on from Funeral. Funeral to the spiritual really.

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