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Unheard Artist: Matt Pound December 8, 2006

Posted by alexd in Music, Unheard Artist.

Maybe it was my slightly dull day resonating with this song. Maybe it was the knowing nudge and wink from my own knieving sister. But this is quite enjoyable, and not another angry/art/pop/indie tune that i have a scary tendency to keep posting up. In fact its a confident lad with his voice and an acoustic guitar. Something very different form your average hair-based, scare your parents rock and roll that most of those blasted young people make these days. Think son of Damien Rice and Katie Melua and your almost there.

Download: Matt Pound- Take Care

Myspace: Matt Pound doesn’t have enough friends 



1. NikNak - December 17, 2006

im at school with matt pound, seeing this actually made me spit out my drink haha
ive of course heard his music before but never expected him to be on here!
someone i talk to most days on here…wow
anyway, amazement over, yes everybody add him on myspace, i am his sixth friend, i will give his 600th a pound (geddit?) :p

2. alexd - December 17, 2006


3. NikNak - December 17, 2006

so how did you hear of him?

4. alexd - December 17, 2006

He’s a friend of a friend of my sisters.

5. stella - August 18, 2009


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