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Confessions of the worlds worst blogger…. December 7, 2006

Posted by alexd in Buzz band, Music, Video.

…punctuality wise anyway. Over a month late due to my own cynicism of a song, video and PR campaign being too good for its own sake (the video was directed by Lemony Snickett for gods sake, too good to be true). Anyway, let one of the best songs of this winter wash over your soul.

Memphis- I’ll Do What Ever You Want

Gorgeous eh? Some of you may not have heard that, but that was some of the latest auditory experimentation from Torquil Campbell and Chris Dumont of Stars and Metric phase. Or something like that. Still best described by youaintnopicasso.com as:

“Stars at their dreamiest, or Jeff Buckley at his friendliest. Gentle electric guitar and wistful vocals are always a winner in my book.”

Download: Memphis:- I’ll Do Whatever You Want [highly recommended]

Website: memphis.ca

Myspace: memphiscanada



1. bumbTunny - February 24, 2008

The chosen ones, accounts sundry with Jim’s babies, britney spears on david letterman nov 6 the flirtatious circle.

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