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The Oohlas Update November 29, 2006

Posted by alexd in Buzz band, Music, Video.

They made a shabby video for their song “Tripping”, basically shot from footage of when they took a trip to NY. Aw small town kids.

The Oohlas- Tripping 

Download: The Oohlas- The Small Parts

If you wanna hear more about them and hear about more, I wrote about the earlier this year.

myspace: The Oohlas

Found on scenestars.com Pete been a little busy making new music with his new guitarist. It’s not awful. Oh scrap that, it really is. What is he doing? And this video is awful, its looks like its been filmed by someone in film school as they had nothing better to do for 3 years of their lives.

Babyshambles- The Blinding

BTW as an update on things to look out for on this blog.

  •  Just been talking to Josh Lazar about his exciting project Noizen which is aiming to put hot food on the tables of alternative bands across the world.
  • I have two lovely albums to review
  • Expect exciting stuff this weekend when I’m avoiding doing a physics pilot experiment write up and an Art essay.


1. ollie - December 12, 2006

thats not our video. thats just a movie made for fun. and we live in los angeles, dude. not that small.

2. alexd - December 14, 2006

My apologies, i got linked to it by email from a slightly over exciteable PR guy, and liked it enough. Come to London! (and send me tickets :D)

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