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Buzzband:Can Joann November 4, 2006

Posted by alexd in Buzz band, Music.

Look a review of a band! Hooray!

Bad name aside. The Can Joann have been my favourite pop band since I got back. The instrumentalism is tight as ants snatch. Excellent drumming backs up consistant base and lead guitaring, but the thing that makes them stand out from many of their contempories is their vocalisation. Their singer singers with an unrelenting conviction and varied intonation where it is needed.

I must apologise for being behind the curve if looking on elbo.ws. But time has only hardened my belief in this band. Nearest comparisons to this band would be “Orson” except that much more magical and with a charming lack of Californian gloss and sheen that the former perspire. Definitely on the radar, enjoy. Expect another review tomorrow, and another after that hopefully.

Download: Can Joann- Endure en vogue

Can Joann- Lady Luck

Can Joann- Indecision’s Way

Can Joann- After The Seizure’s Gone


1. Colleen - November 11, 2006

I really like these guys… Their lyrics are pretty awesome. Very catchy.

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