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Top 10 Scariest Popular Music Videos October 31, 2006

Posted by alexd in Pop, Video.

I know this is the musical blogging equivalent of cashing in, but I’m ill and procrastinating. Especially as Halloween is my least favourite celebration, just a poor American excuse to sell themed crap. I’m all for Guy Fawkes though, can never burn enough effigies of the pope.

Obviously I was gonna do top 10 scariest music videos, but then realised a loads of goths and metal fans would get very prissy about the fact that Hobgoblin Rapers ’96 video for “Motherfucking Jesus Burners” isn’t in here.

10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Y Control

Ghostly children, dead dogs, baby vampires, axe hand cutting and gutting

9. Cansei Der Se Sexy- Alala

You may be cynical, this having only come out in the last few weeks, but you can’t tell me that stop motion grievous bodily harm isn’t at least imaginative. plus it has a scary cat. A CAT!

8. The Prodigy- Breathe

Dramatic cutting, crocodiles, cockroaches and just Keith Flints and Maxim’s highly aggressive appearance. One that always made me change channel when i was about 10.

7. Robbie Williams- Rock DJ

Only now through a few years of growing up and being desensitised by our senseless immoral media can I now watch this video. And still through gritted teeth. Plus the ending is fucking gross.

6. Metric- Monster Hospital

I was really happy when I saw that one of my favourite songs of the year was kitted up with a fitting video, aptly including the mental descent of Emily instigated by her own album. Bonus points of the film noir nods and Sin City influenced grading.

5. Michael Jackson- Thriller

Controversial? Points lost for the now slightly shit looking special effects. But again one that I would struggle to sit through in the midst of my sheltered youth.

4. Madonna- Bedtime story

The song often sighted as the one that retrieved her from the brink with the assistance of Bjork and displayed in several art galleries. I still find this decidedly creepy. Especially that face at the end. Twisted.

3. Nirvana- Heart Shaped Box

I can’t put my finger on whats off putting in this song. Is it the emaciated and crucified Father Christmas? The KKK little girl? The bizarre Frankenstein-like obese monster?

2. NIN- Closer

Apparently a sexy song, I frankly find this unsettling in my very core, really sickly at times.

1. Aphex twin- Come to Daddy

This was always going to be my number one. Mutated monsters, man faced children and a nice repeated message of “I want to eat your soul”. This is Chris Cunningham being practically polite compared to his Rubber Johnny outing. Even Jake and Dinos Chapman would struggle to be this perverse.

Honourable mentions include Manic Street Preachers- “She is Suffering”, Blurs- “The Universal” and The White Stripes, Michael Gondry peice of genius, “Dead Leaves Fall On The Ground”. Until next time. Sleep tight, dont’ let the bed bugs bite.



1. J-14 - December 10, 2006

not very scary,its more stupid/ugly crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. NoName - February 27, 2009

What a poor list.

My cousin who is 2 years old, could have done better than that.

3. abby - March 7, 2009

what about NIN’s Happiness in Slavery??? should be number 1.. scary as fuck

4. gio - August 23, 2009

lol… why don’t you pussys watch Dir en grey’s Obscure (Uncensored)? Get back to me please I’d love to see your reactions

5. Greg - August 23, 2010

Watched Aphex Twin’s Come to Daddy whilst under the effects of LSD creeped me out, although Chemical Brothers Star Guitar whilst not scary as such I found worse because I couldn’t get a grip on my sense’s due to the video being so visually and audio-logically intense. Although later than night my friend did wake up screaming thinking the monster at the end of the Aphex Twin video was watching him sleep. Nice list, ciao.

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