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The Race October 3, 2006

Posted by alexd in Buzz band, Music, Video.

Practically a local band to me; hailing from Reading, Berkshire. The Race are an unoriginally titled 5 piece alternative indie rock outfit preparing to rock your world. Come back! I know i know another indie rock band Ive posted about in a week. But this is really good stuff. Think the Editors if they had grown up on U2 instead of techno (others have described them as The Arcade Fire covering Supergrass. I can tell that I am not really persuading you am I. I’ll let the music do the talking.

Download: The Race- Findout


The Race- When It Fails 

Visite: Their website to see how much everyone on the planet likes them without telling you



1. Benny K - October 5, 2006

The Race were crap at Reading Festival!
I saw them (first band I saw) and they were pretty goddamn shit.
My friends thought they were alright.
The lead singer sounded like he was trying to rip off Forward, Russia! and played a crappy little xylophone. There are much better bands from around Reading (and the south), such as Elle Milano and SixNationState…

2. alexd - October 9, 2006

I thought the Spinto Band were shite, so really anything can happen. I know Elle i will have to check out sixnationstate though. thanks for the tip.

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