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Anni Rossi October 1, 2006

Posted by alexd in Music, Unheard Artist.

Get this girl a mobile phone ad now! One man (or lady) folk is all the rage when advertising communication devices. Annir Rossi you see is a viola playing hipster. She describes her self as a “classical kid, gone viola pop “. Her obscure quirky charm is only aided by her slightly croaky fragile yelp. Musicforkidswhocan’treadgood compared her to Joanna Newsome, which I can go along with up until the point where Joanna Newsome is actually a bit shit.

Your either gonna hate this or love it , so you might as well give it a try. If you can’t stand Thom Yorks tone at his most delicate, just move on, otherwise.

Find out more here

Download: Anni Rossi- Creep (Radiohead cover) [highly recommended]

Anni Rossi- Machine

p.s- She doesn’t have down syndrome



1. Ed Monson - October 10, 2006

She’s the best Live show i’ve ever seen in my life.
I saw her play in manchester.
Quite earnest.

2. Yo Kne - October 20, 2006

She is one of the best musicians I have heard.

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