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Lots of Random Videos…. again September 23, 2006

Posted by alexd in Look What I Just Found, Music, Pop, Video.

Kasabian- Shoot the Runner

Hopefully this is the actual video. Unlike Last time

Damn you wordpress code! See it here. Its pretty good, even if apple maybe after a lawsuit.

The Bound- Wake Up Ma and Pa Are Gone

Nice song, rubbish video. Although it is their first video, but that’s no excuse really.

Girls Aloud- Something Kinda Ooh

Again whether your trying to be ironic and cool, or you listen to Capital FM or even just have ears. You cannot die this is one of Girls Aloud’s best work to date, which means its pretty bloody brilliant.

Download: Girls Aloud- Something Kinda Ooh

Franz Ferdinand- Wine in the Afternoon

Despite this being an b-side ages ago, i only just saw the video. Haven’t made my mind up on the video but this song will be wonderful in a 9 months time when its summer again.

Clearlake- It’s Getting Light Outside

Up there with British Sea Power as one of “The Best UK bands who’ve been around a while but you’ve never heard of”. One of the best songs of their excellent last LP “Amber”.

Download: Clearlake- Hate It That I Got What I Wanted <-this is the best song due to fileden being uncooperative.



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