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New Kasabian Video September 17, 2006

Posted by alexd in Music, Pop, Video.

The best song on Kasabian second album Empire now has it’s own video. Its safe to think that it will probably be the second single after “Empire”.

They blatantly ran out of money following the last video. As it is a dodgy photoshop filter on top of old footage of Hitler Youths. Nothing says rock and roll like the Nuremberg Rallies.

Download: Kasabian- Shoot the runner



1. Nic - September 18, 2006

Actually, that isn’t the official video. It’s a film made by a fan, using the song. You can see the actual Shoot The Runner video from Tuesday afternoon at http://www.kasabian.co.uk.

2. alexd - September 18, 2006

I apologise profusely. I was sent an email saying it was out, and an initial reaction as a blogger was to youtube it. I thought it looked a little rough around the edges.

3. Lots of Random Videos…. again « Dirtybronson - September 23, 2006

[…] Hopefully this is the actual video. Unlike Last time The Bound- Wake Up Ma and Pa Are Gone […]

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