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Buzzband: Shake My Hand September 12, 2006

Posted by alexd in Buzz band, Music.

Before I disappeared to Cuba over a month ago I was sent an EP by a little welsh band called Yossarian. Through no fault of their own I have only just round to listening to it. It is their fault that they managed to be named the same as an awful Washington punk/hardcore band.

They are now called Shake My Hand and make delightful delicate indie/pop. They singer on initial listening sounds like a slightly laddy bloke desperately trying to serenade his girlfriend. Luckily with further listening I found the uncommon name David Smith tone of voice endearing and charming.

They sing about being bored and waiting for Match of the Day. A good comparison would be The Arctic Monkeys making music on an cloudy Sunday morning after the night before. You could easily imagine these songs used in the intro’s to the third Holly Oaks episode in the omnibus when they are all waking up, used in placed of Kaisers Chiefs “Moderns Way” or Bloc Partys “So Here We Are” (they always use them). It is excellent hangover music, that you could listen to in between some

They are one of the many crop of excellent bands that are coming out of Cardiff along with Los Campesinos! who I have posted about before here.

Checkout their myspace now; or you can wait until Sunday Morning.

Download: Shake My Hand- Indie Disco

Shake My Hand- Invincible

Shake My Hand- Koala

Shake My Hand- Settled



1. peteroach - September 21, 2006

Hello mate, sweet post. Just in the process of putting a track up on my blog for these guys and came across yours on the way.

Just going to stick a link up to your site.

Cheers, pete

A Tune A Day

2. alexd - September 21, 2006

Your site is; as they say on the street, your website is “tight”. I will return the compliment.

3. Faina - November 6, 2008

And the answers to kommety be?

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