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Guitar Sales Rocketing September 7, 2006

Posted by alexd in Music.

NME informs us that…

Sales of guitars in the UK have reached an all-time high.

Musicians spent £110 million on electric, bass and acoustic guitars in 2005. This is a £8 million increase from 2004.

The Music Industries Association (MIA) said that cheaper guitars made in China had pushed prices down. Electric and bass guitars are the most popular, with £70m of 2005 sales compared with acoustic at £40m.

Wonderful news, we will be flooded with lots of poor quality guitar bands. I’m not trying to be cynical but we know that as things spread to the masses, the quality descends. Just look at the proliferation of podcasts, 3 years they were all made by hardy geeks, now you are swamped in mp3’s of 2 men laughing into a can and a string for 30 minutes.

It can all be put down to 2 reasons:

  1. Old men “investing in vintage guitars”. Yep, in the face of an inevitable crash in the housing market (well once we start building some houses). Old Rockers have being buying up old guitars as the past has shown us that older models hold their value very well. Especially if its a model used by a cult guitarists like Kurt Cobain or Jimi Hendrix etc.
  2. Young men (and a few women), looking to gain street cred on the back of Britian’s all conquering indie music scene. Also the possible hope that might get famous with little talent, in the same way The Kooks did.

If you do buy a guitar feel free to follow Franz Ferdinand’s excellent Songwriting tips


Read why Bernard Butler (the bloke from Suade) is so excited by the UK’s current to rock

The importance of sponsorship to festivals

Download: Radiohead- Anyone Can Play Guitar



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